Tuesday, May 24

The relatives of victims of the Franco regime ask the institutions to honor them “if they have that democratic interest”

This Saturday the 16th tribute to the victims of the Franco regime took place at the Ateneo de Madrid, an act in which the group of relatives of victims of the Franco regime ‘Memoria y Libertad’ has handed over the witness of these meetings to the public administrations so that they can continue to do so in the future “if they truly have that democratic interest in restoring the public image of the victims of the dictatorship and understanding and duly caring for their families,” they have expressed.

The ‘Memory and Freedom’ project began to take shape twenty years ago, with the initiative of one of the grandchildren of the victims of Francoism, who transcribed and shared it on a homonymous website the list published by researchers Mirta Núñez and Antonio Rojaswhich collected the names and execution dates of 2,663 people shot in the Eastern Cemetery in post-war Madrid.

“In these years of incessant activity, we have had the honest and supportive support of a large part of society and great people from all walks of life, which in itself has meant unforgettable reparation, as well as some encouraging gestures from governments progressives”, said Tomás Montero, coordinator and founder of the collective.

Musical performances have taken place in the tribute, such as those by Cuco and Luisa Pérez, the poetry of Fernando Olmeda, Matilde Eiroa has dealt with the historical dissertation on women and the reflections of the emeritus judge of the Supreme Court, José Antonio Martín Pallin.

Complaints to the Government of Almeida

Paco Fernández, son of a victim of Francoism, has emphasized in his speech the order of José Luis Martínez-Almeida to stop the works of the memorial that compiled the names of those murdered by the regime on plaques that would be exhibited in the cemetery of the East of Madrid –also known as Almudena Cemetery– at the time he became mayor in 2019: “Not only did he stop the works when he arrived at the mayor’s office when 80 percent of the project was already finished, but he started and he erased from the walls the names of those who were shot.”

“Against this irrational and anti-democratic procedure, the Memoria y Libertad collective maintains its fight and for this reason, every year that we celebrate the tribute to the victims of Francoism, the flame that we all have inside our hearts is rekindled, which illuminates us. , compels and drives in the fight, whose main objective is now to recover and return to its original state as conceived by its authors, the monument of Democratic Memory”, Fernández pointed out.