Wednesday, August 17

The replica of the Torico de Teruel is already placed in your column

The replica of the Torico statue that has been made to replace, for the moment, the original, is already placed in the fountain. The reproduction arrived in Teruel this Monday and weighs 35 kilos compared to the 58 of the original.

“It is going to be the one that is installed in the Plaza del Torico for the laying of the handkerchief and for it to preside over our lives, that of all the people of Teruel, until the Torico that fell is restored and then we will have to decide if it stays in municipal offices for display and it stays on the pedestal or we change it back. In any circumstance, the Torico is a symbol of the city for all Teruel residents and we are used to it presiding over our daily lives and what all Teruel residents want is for that symbol to be on their column again”, stated the mayor who assured that “The bronze cufflink has been beautiful”.

Buj recalled that it was decided that the replica be made of bronze in anticipation that it might be the one that would finally stay in the square, since it is a noble material that resists much more and is more used for this type of sculpture than iron. its hardness and strength.

The original Torico’ will be transferred to the Teruel Museum, which will be in charge of assessing the damage and making a restoration proposal.

The Directorate General for Heritage of the Government of Aragon has demanded that the Teruel town hall be taken to the Teruel Museum for study and analysis on two occasions, since the professionals of this public institution are the best connoisseurs of the property, especially which they worked already in the years 1994 and 2003.