Thursday, August 11

The Repsol unions call for a three-day strike starting this Friday to demand a salary increase

As of this Friday, July 15, the Repsol unions have called the first three days of strike action for this summer to demand a revaluation of salaries in the framework of the negotiation of the new framework agreement for the group, “to protect the purchasing power and guarantee the real stability of the wages of the workers and workers”, indicated UGT, according to Europa Press.

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The days of strike, for which a second phase of protests is planned on August 13, 14 and 15, have been called by CCOO, UGT and the Workers’ Union (STR), also joining USO.

In total, 16,000 Repsol workers are called to support the three days of strike. This Friday the protest will start in the 1,000 work centers that the multinational has spread throughout the country.

According to CCOO, the protest will return in August if the company “does not understand that it must guarantee the maintenance of activity in all production centers (without exceptions)”. In addition, the unions demand to guarantee the increase in wages “in the correct way, in full rebound in inflation.”

This union considered that Repsol’s staff “are willing to defend the right not to lose thousands of euros with strikes at a time of inflationary uncertainty, and with the company giving historical profits, as has been seen this week.”

For its part, UGT lamented that the company, “despite the commitment and responsibility of the workforce to continue producing in the Covid era, as an essential company, refuses to value all the efforts made by its workers, and to revalue in its just measure the salary tables (frozen since 2019), being one of the most important actors when it comes to raising the price of the household basket ”.

The company seeks dialogue

Meanwhile, company sources indicated to Europa Press their respect for the “right of the employees” to support the strike called by the union representation and underlined the “willingness to continue working with the workers’ representatives, as they have done in recent months , to reach an agreement that reflects the needs and demands of both parties, through a frank and open dialogue”.

However, they expressed “their surprise” at the conflict raised, since “important progress” had been made in the negotiation for the new framework agreement.

Likewise, the multi-energy company reiterated its firm commitment to maintaining “quality employment, as one of the essential pillars of its transformation”.