Sunday, December 10

The research sector also rejects the request of the rectors to maintain temporary

The warning of the Conference of Rectors (CRUE) that the labor reform can cause “negative impacts” in the field of research by suppressing the temporary contract for work or service continues to arouse rejection from different groups. To the outrage of the UGT and CCOO, who respond that we must take advantage of the new law to extend indefinite contracts in a very precarious activity, the main stakeholders are now added: the researchers themselves.

The Federation of Young Researchers (FJI) has prepared a statement on “the labor reform and its application to the science and given the different reactions that have been expressed publicly in recent days” in which, in a clear allusion to the position of the CRUE, they reject “any initiative that has as its objective decree a kind of exceptionality of the scientific sector to justify the maintenance of the current precariousness”.

Instead, they demand that the new regulations be applied to them: “We understand that the labor reform, with the abolition of contracts for Work or Service among other aspects, aims to reduce temporary and precariousness and therefore we think that is positive and should be applied to our sector in the same way that it should be applied to all workers”.

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Faced with the argument of the rectors that the work or service contract “is frequently used in the areas of research” and that without it -or a similar alternative- a situation will be triggered that “can cause the system of science and technology”, the FJI poses a adaptation of the new regulations to a scientific environment “accustomed to the use and abuse of contracts for Work or Service chained and linked to research projects, often covering structural needs of the contracting institutions through temporary contracts.” In this sense, they propose to use more Figures provided for in the Law of Science, such as pre-doctoral and post-doctoral contracts, to which a new type of indefinite contract will be added in the coming months “provided for in the draft amendment to said Science Law and whose wording seems clearly aimed at fitting the labor reform into the scientific research sector”: the contract for scientific-technical activities.

The FJI ends its statement by reiterating “our position in favor of fully applying the labor reform in Science and our rejection of any modification that would result in a consolidation more than precariousness actual”.