Wednesday, May 18

The residential future of Malaga: Distrito Zeta is already visible

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The future residential area of ​​Malaga, which has one of its main protagonists in the land of Sánchez Blanca, is beginning to take shape. The baptized as Zeta District, called to revolutionize the traditional neighborhood format in the capital of the Costa del Sol, is already being seen.

The first infographics produced by Urbania and to which EL ESPAÑOL de Málaga has had access confirms the company’s commitment to sustainability and the stay areas. The updated forecast indicates that the first phase of urbanization, already underway, may be completed during the third quarter of 2022, while all phases could be completed by the end of 2023. All this after an investment of between 45 and 50 million euros.

Zeta District will accommodate a maximum of 3,443 dwellings. Of these, 1,200 will be of official protection (VPO), which will be assumed mainly by the City Council (another part are from Vimpyka and Andria). The 2,100 free rentals remain mainly in the hands of Urbania, although Aedas Homes has two plots.

The projected neighborhood bets on the living areas.

Its execution will allow to open a new neighborhood with about 10,000 residents, which could begin to arrive in the second quarter of 2024. One of the peculiarities of this development is its smart city, applying foundations based on sustainability, mobility, technology and community.

The configuration of the pillars on which Distrito Zeta is based was the result of a long process of analysis and thought, in which the most children have been given prominence. Months ago, Victor Troyano, Concept Manager of Urbania, recounted how in the consultations some of the minors demanded, above other elements, that the playgrounds have benches so that their grandparents could sit.

One of the additions that the promoters were working on was to give future residents the possibility of having a cryptocurrency own, call zetacoin. The idea is that businesses in the area offer certain discounts and charge in that currency.

Sustainable mobility will also be the protagonist.

Sustainable mobility will also be the protagonist.

“There will be organic gardens so that residents can sign up for a list and have their own harvest; dog parks, with a very special design, with special activities, swimming pools, game rooms and food dispensers”, commented Troyano, who spoke of different playgrounds, “with slides and walkways that end up embracing the top of a tree”.

Both because of its size and because of the innovative character with which it wants to be endowed, Distrito Zeta becomes a benchmark for the new urbanism that Malaga wants to develop. Another example, promoted by the Consistory, is that of the Green apple in the San Rafael area.