Monday, March 4

The resignation letter from the Recupera Madrid councilor who does not support Almeida’s budgets

The councilor of Recupera Madrid Felipe Llamas has submitted his resignation to the act because he does not agree with the support of his group for the Budgets of the City Council of the capital announced this Monday.

Almeida agrees the budgets with the wayward councilors of Más Madrid after the Vox slam

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“The fact of not having been able to convince my colleagues to carry out dialogue and negotiation in conditions of seeking broad consensus leads me to make the decision to present my resignation, making it clear that I do not agree with the budgets de Almeida by 2022. In any case, for the good of the city of Madrid, I hope they make the right decisions and take the appropriate measures “, Llamas has advanced to Europa Press.

Llamas has indicated in a statement that Almeida and his government “have been pleading for a month and a half to Vox and therefore seeking the support of the extreme right to approve these budgets, vital for the citizens of Madrid at a time of pandemic that they required of the maximum consensus “. “However, despite having counted on the offer of the opposition to establish a negotiating environment as was done at the time with the Villa Agreements, this consensus has not been possible,” he lamented.

His position in this negotiation has been “clear and known” by his colleagues from the beginning, who consider that the most appropriate thing was to “maintain the amendment to the entire budget of the Almeida Government, returning the budget to the Government to continue advancing in January in a negotiation process where consensus could truly be reached, or at least try to “.

“At a time of emergency, so difficult for the city, it is more necessary than ever to seek broad consensus with the opposition as a whole in order to have new budgets that really respond to the feelings of the majority of Madrid and Madrid women. , a process of dialogue to achieve budgets endowed with the maximum legitimacy, “he argued.

Felipe Llamas does not share “the format of the negotiation, nor the rush to reach a hasty agreement” and reiterates that he has maintained a “clear attitude in favor of dialogue but this is not possible if there is an outrage in the times.”

“To establish new priorities that revert to a better Madrid, all the municipal groups would have to have sat at the table with enough time to move forward. When Vox publicly withdrew its support for the budgets presented by the mayor, Martínez-Almeida had the opportunity to initiate a transparent dialogue table to work in a calm way and with the time necessary to carry out budgets for progress, democratic regeneration and dialogue, “said the councilor.

Now he hopes that Almeida and his government team “effectively rectify their policies clearly, once they no longer have the support of the extreme right, and are capable of establishing integration and dialogue structures to improve Madrid.”

Felipe Llamas recalls that the progressive bench obtained more than 750,000 votes and that it is “the people of Madrid who must guide the political action of the government of their city.”

Finally, the mayor stressed that “political disaffection is one of the main problems for Spaniards, as indicated by the recent December political barometer from the Sociological Research Center (CIS).” “The lack of agreements, respect for plurality and the capacity for collaboration between political parties, even in this context of a pandemic, are not understood by citizens, and that is something that should make us reflect. Disaffection grows when interests are prioritized. electoral and party elections against the interests and well-being of the people, “he argued.

“From this reflection, I feel very proud to have been part of the team and collaborated closely with Mayor Manuela Carmena, with her unmistakable style of dialogue and listening to all sectors, since we are all part of this city. That is why I move away from institutional politics to recover my professional life and try to be useful from other areas to the construction of a fairer and more progressive society “, he concludes.