Monday, February 26

The response of a Ronda institute to the chauvinist chants of Elías Ahuja: “Violence is not tradition!”

“No, violence is not tradition!” exclaims a girl from a high school window. “And it’s unjustified!” replies a boy next to her. The blinds open: “More respect!” they shout in unison. “Less vulgarity,” they reply. Then they exchange slogans: “More respect. Less machismo. More respect. Less vulgarity”.

Young men from a college harass university students from another center: “Bitches, come out of your burrows like rabbits”

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It is the response video recorded by students from the Pérez de Guzmán Public Secondary Education Institute in Ronda (Málaga), in response to the chauvinist chants that students from the Colegio Mayor Elías Ahuja uttered against their neighbors from Colegio Santa Mónica in Madrid, some of which played down the matter in the statements to the media made the following days. “Bitches, come out of your burrows like rabbits,” shouted one of the Elías Ahuja boys, before dozens of colleagues joined him.

“We don’t normalize it,” say the young people from the Ronda high school at the end of their video, which ends with a call to carry out similar actions. Boys and girls applaud in unison against machismo and the normalization of sexist, objectifying or openly violent attitudes under the excuse that they are “traditions” or a game consented to by all.

“It was the students themselves who mobilized”

“It was the students themselves who mobilized,” explains Paz Domínguez, the teacher who coordinated the initiative. She explains that when she saw the video she understood that she couldn’t stand still, and she showed it in her first grade class. Most of them had not seen it before and they found it shocking, to the point that she proposed to do something about it. From then on, they were added from other classes, also those of Integration, those of Animation…

“They gave ideas, such as making a parallelism with the windows but in a positive way, and the teachers simply gave them a voice and space,” says Domínguez, who assures that the level of involvement of the boys and girls was total. “It was very easy and simple, because when you feel like it, it’s easy and simple,” she says: “They divided into two floors, they wrote what they wanted to say on the board and it was practically spontaneous and in 15 minutes.”

Paz Domínguez says that they would like the action to overflow the Pérez de Guzmán de Ronda, and that boys and girls from all over Spain “demonstrate that not all young men and women in Spain normalize machismo.” The objective, they indicate in the recording, is to start a “campaign of respect in response to any type of macho chant.”

The video went viral this Saturday, when it was posted on Twitter by The Observer. This Sunday it accumulates nearly 80,000 reproductions on that social network and has been retweeted by the Andalusian deputy Inmaculada Nieto (For Andalusia), the first vice president of Congress, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis (PSOE) or María Guardiola, PP candidate for the Board of Extremadura, praising the attitude of the kids. “This is the elite that our society needs,” Nieto wrote.

Pérez de Guzmán is an education institute with 80 secondary, special education and high school teachers that also offers dual Professional Training. The center adjoins the neighborhood of La Dehesa, “an area characterized by being a preferred action area due to its socio-cultural characteristics,” they point out. on your website. In the afternoon, it becomes a secondary and high school center for adults.