Tuesday, March 21

The right wants to burn the Reichstag

Lessons can be learned from the flight forward of the right with its wrong vote on labor reform. As much as it may initially seem like vaudeville as a result of his inability to recognize the ridicule that underlies Teodoro García Egea’s latest cunning trap, there is something that crosses borders and decades in the reactionary political culture. It is not just another improvised movement, it is a recurring strategy that has historical precedents and aims to blame the adversary for an act caused by their own in order to seek to seize power by any means. It is the Van Der Lubbe strategy, which takes its name from the Dutch communist who was guillotined in Leipzig in 1934 after being the scapegoat of the Nazi strategy to assault power with a false flag attack against the building that collected German sovereignty. The right wants to burn down the Reichstag using the lie of a computer error and seeks to turn Meritxell Batet into its own Marinus Van Der Lubbe.

An act of this caliber cannot be carried out without necessary collaborators. Although it is true that the usual speakers of any agitprop campaign this time have been declining, aware that credibility must be sold in campaigns that have a minimum percentage of success, there are always people in the media willing to drag themselves to the bugle call of the argument to levels that cause blush in an external observer with sensitivity to the embarrassment of others. These days you have to look away from television when you see some exercises in journalistic contortionism that are essential to continue being the pen that the right imposes in certain spaces. Remember who put you there.

The contemporary strategy of blaming the victim for being responsible for the events began with the events in Charlottesville, in which members of the extreme right came to kill anti-fascist protesters by ramming a car. Donald Trump started a campaign that tried to make the Antifa movement terrorist. The same thing happened in Spain on the occasion of the neo-Nazi demonstration in Chueca, when the extreme right wing began to spread that the protesters were anti-fascist infiltrators who had uttered homophobic insults to link VOX to a hate crime. They were not alone in the strategy. Carlos Herrera and Ana Rosa Quintana were just two of the most important communicators who gave fuel to the conspiracy that had the objective of blaming the adversary for the acts carried out by theirs.

The greatest threat to the survival of democracy is the extreme right. The Republican party decided by majority that the terrorist assault on the Capitol was a “legitimate political speech” in the same week that some madmen stormed the plenary session of the Lorca City Council. Both VOX and the PP justified this assault by the supposed fed up of the ranchers, which was only such because they were manipulated in previous assemblies led by members of both parties. The PP has assumed that it cannot compete with VOX by confronting them because they do not believe that it has to be done either and they use the same strategies, thus trying to convince that no one is better than them to regain power, even if to do so they have to tear the institutions and legality to pieces. .

Democrats have to be aware that the only thing that separates us from bloodshed and a coup is not respect for legality or the democratic convictions of the right in this country. If it doesn’t happen, it’s because they don’t have enough means and because they are cowards who aren’t willing to accept the consequences of what failure would mean. They want to burn the Reichstag for us, although for now we are saved by their ineptitude in finding the place where it burns.