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The right wing accuse the Government of designing “radical”, “ruinous” Budgets that “whitewash” ETA

They will not be able to knock him down in the vote on Thursday, but the right – especially PP and Vox, but also Citizens – have attacked this Wednesday harshly against the project of the General State Budgets, resorting to the usual disqualifications that they have been using since the beginning of the legislature to try to delegitimize the progressive government. The three formations defended their amendments to the totality of the accounts in those same terms, once again labeling the Executive as “socialcommunist”, “radical” and linking it to ETA or the Venezuelan regime.

The Government presents some Budgets for the recovery with a focus on young people, public services and SMEs

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Once the Plenary was resumed, at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, a few hours after the morning intervention of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who defended the Budgets as an “antidote to populism”, the leader of the PP took the floor, Pablo Casado. Without papers, and providing a string of figures and data, the head of the opposition called the new accounts “hypocritical”, “ruinous”, “false” and even “insensitive”.

“They are dead paper. They are dead, they are going to be out of date,” said Casado in his defense of the amendment to the totality that the PP has presented against the public accounts of next year. “With European funds, you cannot get out of the crisis,” asserted Casado, with a speech of more than half an hour that started with a technical profile, but ended with a strong ideological content. The leader of the PP has demanded “not to squander” European funds “in a Peronist Keynesianism to give everyone what they think will buy their votes.”

“There is an alternative”, said Casado, “to do things well.” That alternative is that of the PP, “the party that will have to rescue Spain from the third crisis created by the PSOE.” “Once again the PP will have to come to bring Spain out of ruin,” he settled.

Montero responded in a straight line to the top leader of the opposition to make “a caricature of himself.” “He has used false data, it shows a lot that it bothers him that Spain is doing well,” he snapped during his turn to reply to Casado, who he also accused of not having read the draft government accounts.

“His words are a kick to recovery,” he told Casado. “His intervention has been based on the fact that the State is a problem for the economy to develop correctly, that we must now return to austerity and that he considers inequality to be a necessary evil,” criticized Montero, who during his speech has received all kinds of boos from the PP deputies. She has also made fun of Casado for putting Italy as an economic example while defending a tax cut in Spain, when in that country the tax pressure is greater than in Spain.

“You compare yourself to Draghi, but, allow me a confidence, you are not Draghi and it shows,” Montero snapped at Casado, alluding to the current Italian prime minister and former president of the European Central Bank. The minister has also reminded the PP leader of his trips to Brussels to criticize the Government. “You went to Brussels to speak ill of Spain. It will persecute you to speak ill of your country,” he snapped.

The recent cases of corruption that have affected the two major Spanish parties came to light during the debate. Montero sent a question to the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, as a result of the ruling of the Box B that condemned the ‘popular’ for the payment in B of the works of their headquarters. “Is the PP going to pay what it has defrauded in corporate tax due to the reform of Genoa?”, The minister asked, causing a boo from the ‘popular’ bench, which has reproached him for the case of the ERE from Andalusia yelling at him “ERE, ERE, ERE”.

After a very long speech by Montero of more than an hour, Casado’s response, lasting five minutes, and the minister’s rejoinder, at 5:00 p.m. it was the turn of the Vox spokesman, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros. In this case, the extreme right chose him and not its leader, Santiago Abascal, who was not even in plenary session during the entire debate between his group and the government.

“What these accounts do is legitimize the totalitarian project that is still alive in the Basque Country,” began Espinosa de los Monteros during the defense of his amendment to the entire Budget. Moreover, Espinosa de los Monteros has ensured that these accounts “whitewash” ETA due to the negotiation initiated by the Executive with EH Bildu.

“Spain deserved more than this festival of senseless spending,” he added in his speech, addressed to the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero. “This is an incapable government, embezzling the efforts of the Spanish. But a decent government will soon arrive, with effective people. A Vox government will soon arrive,” he has settled. In his view, the Budgets represent an unprecedented attack on private property. “The path he has chosen to get out of the crisis is only more unemployment and ruin,” he added, with an argument very similar to that of the PP. And, along the same lines as Casado, Espinosa considered that “there are reasons for hope thinking about the future, because there is an alternative that restores credibility”, that of Vox.

Montero has taken advantage of his reply to Vox to address Pablo Casado’s bench. “Gentlemen of the PP, with the extreme right you do not compete, the extreme right is fought”, has expressed the socialist, who has assured that the extreme right “must be dismantled.” “The game in which they participate only weakens coexistence,” added Montero, for whom Vox “exudes nostalgia” by missing a “dark past” in reference to the dictatorship.

“You challenge the system. You challenge this democratic system. You do not share the rules of the game,” added Montero, who has assured that the extreme right “despises politics.” “If for you politics and politicians is something so avoidable, bad and disastrous for the future of the country, what are you doing sitting down as deputies in this Congress?”

Insult from Vox to Montero

“These Budgets are nothing like that ruin that you advocate. They look to the future and not to that stale past that you like so much. We build a Spain in which you fit and you build a Spain in which only fit those who think like you, “the minister concluded, addressing the far-right bench.

Finally, there has been a tense moment when Montero has denounced having received an insult from the Vox bench and has asked Espinosa de los Monteros to disallow that outburst. As elDiario.es has learned from sources present in the hemicycle, the insult has been “asshole.” Ana Pastor, who at that time was exercising the Presidency in her capacity as secretary of the Table, has requested to remove the insult from the journal of sessions. But, in a row, Espinosa de los Monteros has avoided disavowing his fellow ranks.

During her speech, the spokesperson for Citizens, Inés Arrimadas, assured, for her part, that “the budget pact for next year was closed last year.” “You chose the path, the economic model and partners with which to govern,” Arrimadas told the members of the Executive. “Instead of taking the hand of Ciudadanos, you took the hand of Otegi and Rufián,” he emphasized.

In the opinion of the spokesperson for the formation called “liberal”, these Budgets “are not what Spain needs, they are what Sánchez needs to stay in Moncloa. They have more stories than accounts,” he reports. Carmen Moraga.

Rifirrafe with Junts

The spokeswoman for Junts in the Congress of Deputies, Miriam Nogueras, defended this Wednesday her amendment to the entire budget, attacking other Catalan pro-independence parties -ERC and PDeCat- that have not wanted to knock down the Executive’s accounts and, in fact They are negotiating with the PSOE and United We Can.

“As long as this Government continues to find the support of a few in exchange for nothing, it will never sit down to negotiate in a serious way with Catalonia,” Nogueras said in the Plenary of Congress, during a brief speech in which, in clear allusion to ERC and its negotiation with the PSOE on the Catalan audiovisual law, has concluded: “We are selling as an achievement that we are going to try to have a little Catalan on Netflix.” “You are not doing anything good for Catalonia by not supporting these accounts,” Montero replied.

Tomorrow it will be the turn of the parliamentary groups that have not presented amendments to the entirety and that will fix their position on the Budgets before the return attempts are voted that will be rejected by the forces of the coalition Government and their usual partners in Congress .


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