Friday, January 21

The right wing praise Felipe VI’s speech while the left reproach him for not mentioning the emeritus king

King Felipe VI’s Christmas speech once again highlights the differences between the main political forces. The right launches to cover the words of the monarch while the left criticizes that there was “not a single word about the emeritus.”

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, highlighted the defense of the Constitution “as a main beam that deserves recognition, respect and loyalty” in the king’s words. For their part, both the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, as well as the mayor of the capital and national spokesman for the PP, José Luis Martínez Almeida, have also highlighted in Felipe VI’s Christmas speech his reference to the Constitution and the “respect, recognition and loyalty” it deserves.

Mañueco has valued in a tweet the Christmas message of King Felipe VI regarding the fact that we cannot allow ourselves to be carried away by pessimism, nor fall into conformism. “We must react, assume the transformations, adapt to change being clear about our objectives and priorities as a country”, is the phrase chosen by Mañueco in his tweet, which concludes with “In Castilla y León we are committed to that future of illusion.”

“We expected very little and it has contributed very little,” said the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès. “Felipe VI talks about all the issues, except one: the monarchy,” said Pablo Echenique. “What is the use of a crown that prevents change by its very nature; who is silent about his corruption and is incapable of reforming himself? ”, he asked himself through the social network Twitter. For his part, the ERC spokesman limited himself to writing “Be careful because he is not asking for the vote.”

In the same vein, the national co-spokesperson of Podemos, Isa Serra, has pointed out. “The King yesterday spoke of the need for the moral and public integrity of our institutions, but that is far from the scandals that surround the emeritus and above all the fact that he has not appeared before justice and before the citizens,” he added. . “Impunity is not a good friend of the moral and public integrity of our institutions,” he added.

The PNV spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Aitor Esteban, has warned the monarch that “credibility” is not “changing the photo and setting of the speech” and that “talking about public and moral integrity is not a guarantee that there is such public and moral integrity “. Esteban has said that he has been surprised that “there has been only one short sentence, very specific, speaking that the institutional leaders should be an example of public and moral integrity.” “It surprises me, because it seems that he is putting duties to everyone and he goes on tiptoe only saying that phrase about the serious problem that afflicts the crown,” he criticized.

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