Saturday, May 28

The right wing wins in France and frustrates the expectations of Marine Le Pen




According to the first estimates, the second round of the regional elections has confirmed that the traditional right wing of the Republicans (LR) is the first national political force, with 38% of the national votes, followed by the left coalitions (PS, PCF, ecologists, extreme left) and the extreme right of Agrupación Nacional (AN), Marine Le Pen’s party, with 20.5% of national votes. Emmanuel Macron’s party suffers a very severe defeat.

According to the first unofficial estimates of the first private national TV channel, TF1, and the first permanent information TV channel, BFMTV, private, LR is the only party that has a solid national implantation. With 38% of the national votes, according to the first estimates, the traditional right, heir to Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, is confirmed as a possible alternative to the presidential, the government and the parliamentary majority of Emmanuel Macron, ten months before the upcoming presidential elections.

Presenting themselves in coalition, the ‘union of the left’, PS, PCF, Europa Ecología los Verdes, extreme left, manage to win second place in the national votes. But this union is very ambiguous: it will allow the preservation of the five metropolitan regions governed by the left, but it is a heteroclical and unstable force on a national scale. PS, PCF and the environmentalists, alone, have fewer votes than the extreme right.

Second national party, Marine Le Pen’s AN, with 20.5% of the votes, in the second round, it consolidates itself as a political force with an unpredictable future, without being able to govern in any region, without parliamentary representation, with less “stimulating” presidential prospects than expected.

With 7% of the national votes, La República En Marcha (LREM), Emmanuel Macron’s party, suffers a serious failure of unforeseeable scope for the president’s aspirations for his own re-election.

The right wing and its center allies will retain the seven metropolitan regions that they already ruled. Consolidating as a national alternation force. The left will retain their five regions. In a position of national fragmentation. The extreme right of the Le Pen family, for its part, does not manage to govern in any region of France.

According to all the analysts, the alarming abstention of 65% worries all the parties, but does not modify in any way the fundamental political scope.

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