Tuesday, March 21

The rights focus on ETA in the plenary session of Congress while they fight for governability in Castilla y León

While the tight result of Sunday’s elections in Castilla y León has caused a new brawl between PP and Vox over the governance of the region, with the extreme right asking for positions in the Junta and the popular Trying to distance themselves from the formation of Santiago Abascal, both parties tried this Wednesday to focus the control session of the Government in Congress on ETA, the terrorist group that disappeared three years ago.

PP and Vox measure their forces before the inevitable negotiation in Castilla y León

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A decade after the organization stopped killing, the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, opened the session avoiding talking about the pyrrhic victory of his party in Castilla y León which, after bringing forward the elections in order to expand its majority and govern alone, it has seen how it has lost votes while Vox has gone from one to 13 seats, which makes it decisive for the governability of the region.

Casado only spoke of Castilla y León to criticize the predictions of the CIS. And yet, he chose, once again, to raise suspicions about an alleged collusion of the progressive government with terrorism. That of ETA is, in fact, a mantra habitually used by the leader of the PP since his triumph in the primaries with the aim of wearing down an Executive whom he has come to call “philo-terrorist” for having reached agreements with EH Bildu, the in which the nationalist left is integrated, which was born rejecting any form of violence.

This Wednesday, however, Casado took advantage of the leak of a Civil Guard report on contacts between the Executive and the environment of the ETA prisoners to try to wear down the Government three days after the elections in Castilla y León, the result of which has not been confirmed. allowed the leader of the PP to boast of the tight victory of his political party.

Married: “The Government negotiates with murderers”

for the president of the popular“the most serious thing” is that the Government “uses penitentiary institutions to negotiate with a murderer of 13 innocent [en alusión a José Antonio López Ruiz, Kubati,] in exchange for Bildu’s votes to remain in Moncloa”. Next, Casado wanted to recall that in yesterday’s plenary session the PSOE rejected a bill proposed by the PP that sought to allow ETA victims to decide on the prison situation of The prisoners.

“The question is why did you vote against a PP initiative to prohibit tributes and prison benefits to ETA members who do not collaborate in clarifying their terrible crimes? When are you going to stop using and deteriorating state institutions? Answer me, do you?” Are you with the victims or with the executioners?” Casado asked Sánchez, who chose not to answer the PP leader on this matter.

Minutes later it was Vox who tried to place the focus on the terrorist group dissolved in 2018. The far-right deputy Ignacio Gil Lázaro took advantage of a question to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to once again accuse the Executive of an alleged benefit towards ETA, the band that does not exist. “The Minister of the Interior has cruelly killed Judge Marlaska,” he told the head of the Interior that during his time as a magistrate he stood out precisely for his trials against terrorism.

All this after a PP deputy, Jaime Mateu, assured that Marlaska “has had the virtue of outraging the victims” through his contacts “to privilege the ETA prisoners” placing “as a privileged interlocutor” Kubati. “There is not, there has not been and there will be no negotiation for the application of the penitentiary policy”, the Minister of the Interior replied to both of them.

Vox believes that “the one that marks the times” of Moncloa is ETA

But the offensive continued. The extreme right managed to introduce an interpellation on the agenda that, in its statement, claimed to be “about the measures that the Government is going to adopt to prevent ETA from deciding Spain’s prison policy.”

Vox deputy Teresa López Álvarez then spoke of the Government’s “unworthy prison policy” for bringing ETA prisoners to prisons near the Basque Country, as did other executives, including those of the PP. But for López Álvarez Marlaska he has the “medal to the mean merit of discrediting” prison policy. “What infamy of yours and that of your secretary general [de Instituciones Penitenciarias] who have been able to sell themselves to the devil!” he cried.

In the opinion of the Vox parliamentarian to the Government “the acts in the tributes to the ETA prisoners neither go nor come.” All this because, in his opinion, “it was a loud clamor” that the Executive was negotiating “prisoners for Budgets” or, moreover, “that the one that marks the times” of Moncloa “is ETA”, despite the fact that the band is dissolved. “The government’s agenda is managed by a boss who represents death and kidnapping,” she added, to settle: “There are no longer any doubts, his boss is ETA.”