Tuesday, January 18

The risk of hospitalization with omicron is one third that of delta

The risk of hospitalization with the omicron variant of the coronavirus is approximately one third that of delta, according to a British analysis of more than a million cases of infections with both mutations in recent weeks.

The data, published by the UK Health Safety Agency, also showed that the vaccines can work well against omicron.

The third dose is associated with an 81 percent reduction in the risk of hospitalization compared to similar unvaccinated individuals.

“The latest set of analyzes is in line with the encouraging signs we’ve already seen,” said Susan Hopkins, the agency’s chief medical adviser.

“However, it is still too early to draw definitive conclusions about the severity of the hospitalization, and the increase in omicron transmissibility and the increase in cases in the population over 60 years in England means that it is still very likely that there is significant pressure on the National Health Service in the coming weeks. “


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