Thursday, May 19

The roads of Ayuso and Almeida separate

It seems that their paths have definitely parted. Isabel Díaz Ayuso, then president of the Community of Madrid, re-elected by a very large majority after early elections; and José Luis Martínez-Almeida, nicknamed by the PP as “the mayor of Spain”; They began their career as a political couple in January 2019, when the leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, appointed them in the face of social disbelief as candidates for the Community and the Madrid City Council. They were unknown at the time – he fell on the electoral poster almost by default and she, with no management experience, was one of the first to support Pablo Casado in his candidacy to succeed Mariano Rajoy – and they owed everything to their leader.

Ayuso’s victory anticipates the battle for control of the PP in Madrid

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But two years later, the regional leader flies free. He skips the arguments of the party with statements that challenge the leadership of the PP and capture all the attention, whether or not it is the protagonist. The last one, the one that involved the monarchy in the pardons. Almeida, meanwhile, is one of the terminations of the trident of Genoa. As a national spokesperson, he pledges his allegiance to Casado’s leadership and responds daily to his claims. partner.

This is how he refers to her in the affectionate messages he dedicates to her on social networks. The PP strives to show its complicity and collaboration with meetings and photos. The last, this week in a meeting on Monday at Puerta del Sol, headquarters of the regional government. The reality, however, is that the relationship between the two leaders continues to grow apart over the months, as their political figures grow. Last week, key for the two leaders, showed more acutely how their trajectories no longer run along the same path.

The regional president monopolized all the headlines on Almeida’s big day. While the mayor made balance of the equator of the legislature in an informative breakfast, the staff of the PP was deployed; Ayuso appeared in a corridor and redoubled his bet to involve the monarchy in the pardons, haggling back to Genoa and involving Casado. “It seems to me a humiliation for the king. I have not rectified. Pablo Casado thinks the same,” he said between a cloud of cameras, a day after the rectification imposed from Genoa after insinuating that the king should not sign the pardons, despite the fact that it was required by law. The absence of announcements from the first mayor did the rest.

The party had to act. The next day he mounted an act in a park in Madrid to validate the management of the first mayor. But the call ended up as a warning to the regional leader. “Without a party there is no government,” said the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, whose relationship with Ayuso has been tense for some time.

The PP was trapped in one of the most convulsive weeks in memory and wanted to settle the controversy caused by the president as soon as possible. Genoa’s strategy to bring down the Pedro Sánchez government due to pardons was closed without the expected result. Not only because of Ayuso’s statements: the PP could not count on either the businessmen or the bishops for its cause.

There is more. Ayuso herself no longer hides that her very personal figure begins to be “uncomfortable” for “some insecure” within the PP. She said it this week in an interview on esRadio in response to the information that assures that there are people in the party who think that his intention is to dispute the presidency of the PP to Casado.

To increase the noise, Ayuso sat down this Friday in a colloquium talk with the former president of the Government José María Aznar in which Pablo Casado was invited and in which he in turn became the great absentee. Aznar defended that the strategy of the Madrid president is the correct one: “He has demonstrated the value and strength of freedom,” said the popular leader with great ancestry in Casado about the Madrid leader and assured that the result of 4M “is a great advantage ”for the party leader. Ayuso as a beacon of the PP.

The former president also defended that profile of the regional president in the face of criticism that assures that it overshadows the figure of Casado. “Isabel does what she has to do, when I was president of Castilla y León, I did it. And from there a national alternative was born. It is reality. A president of a community cannot be asked to be silent. What denotes a very low level are all those out there who do not say a word higher than another, “Aznar launched. The Madrilenian leader, for her part, warned: “If they intend to divide me with the president of my party, generate supposed dissensions with him so that I remain silent, they are wrong.”

What the vast majority of the party assumes at the moment is that Ayuso will become the next leader of the PP in Madrid after her overwhelming victory at the polls. Touching the absolute majority gives it legitimacy to present itself, according to some leaders, and its defenders already advance that “it would be difficult to explain that it was not supported” because “it has allowed the PP to once again be a majority voted party.”

The national leadership had raffled off supporting her as a candidate in recent months and even launched the Madrid mayor into the pools. The first endorsement of his future leadership came at the beginning of June, when the general secretary of the PP assured that he would bet on Ayuso if he had to vote in the regional congress in Madrid.

After this move, Almeida, however, avoided ratifying it. The environment of the first mayor ensures that, “for now”, will not fight for that square. He lavishes in favor of a third way: raising to the organic presidency a figure without institutional responsibilities who is dedicated to keeping the party in order in Madrid.