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The Roku Channel Launches New Dedicated Offering Espacio Latino | Digital Trends Spanish

The Roku platform announced the launch of Latin Spacea new destination for US Hispanic audiences, offering a broad collection of programming aimed at Spanish-speakers in The Roku Channelwhich is free for users.

Latin Space makes it easy for users to discover and stream hit movies, popular TV shows, soap operas, news and family entertainment in Spanish on The Roku Channel. Users are eager to see free content in Spanish on The Roku Channel; nearly 70% of Spanish-language households watching The Roku Channel do not have pay TV and use The Roku Channel more than 3 days a week

At its launch, Latin Space will feature thousands of hours of free movies and TV shows in Spanish, some of which are originals and exclusive to Latin Spaceas well as popular titles in English dubbed and subtitled in Spanish. Latin Space will include more than 50 live TV channels in Spanish, of which more than 25 are new to The Roku Channel. Audiences of will also have the ability to add Premium Subscriptions in Spanish to access and enjoy all of their favorite content in one place. Additionally, Roku Original titles will be available on Latin Space, including the recently launched series Mamas, narrated in Spanish by Zoë Saldaña. An all-new Spanish-language Roku Original, Natural Born Narco, will debut on July 8.

Ashley Hovey, Director of AVOD for The Roku Channel, commented, “The launch of Espacio Latino marks an exciting step forward in our efforts to create a unified Spanish-language experience for millions of streamers to enjoy on The Roku Channel. Our team worked diligently with some of the most renowned content providers in the Spanish-language content space to create a robust, world-class set of telenovelas, sports, news, movies, TV series and more for audiences to enjoy for free. . We are delighted to introduce Espacio Latino and look forward to continuing to create a great Spanish-language entertainment experience on The Roku Channel.”

Content Offer

With thousands of hours of free, original and exclusive movies and TV shows, Latin Space integrates a variety of popular Spanish-language content into one easily accessible destination. NBCUniversal Telemundo, Hemisphere Media Group, Cisneros Media, Canela.TV, The Weather Channel en Español and Eurochannel are among the new partners The Roku Channel is working with to bring even more premium content in Spanish to users. Latin Space will also feature content from major existing partners such as Lionsgate, Cinedigm, A+E Networks, BBC Studios, Sony Pictures Television, Film Movement, Pantaya, EstrellaTV, TelevisaUnivision, beIN SPORTS and more.

Alan J. Sokol, President and CEO of Hemisphere Media Group, stated, “We are proud to partner with The Roku Channel, which shares our values ​​of making Spanish-language content more accessible to consumers and offering them a rich viewing experience. It is exciting to be a part of the launch of Espacio Latino and we look forward to bringing the premium content that we know our audience enjoys to the platform. As content providers, our goal is to meet viewers where they are, and this new partnership gives us the opportunity to deliver on our promise to deliver high-quality, culturally relevant content to the Hispanic/Latino communities we serve.”

Users can enjoy exclusive AVOD titles, live TV channels, Roku Originals, and premium subscriptions, including:

  • AVOD titles: Latin Space It will feature an outstanding selection of programming that includes:
    • hernan starring Oscar Jaenada and Michel Brown (A+E Networks, exclusive)
    • Hunting Ava Bravo starring Kate del Castillo (Wild Sheep Content, Top Dead Center Films, Chollawood Productions, exclusive)
    • to bad starring Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochman (Lionsgate)
    • In love starring Gaby Espino and Rene Lavan (Cisneros, exclusive)
    • Bought love starring Elizabeth Gutiérrez and Marjorie de Sousa (Cisneros)
    • Seasons 1 to 3 of The Lord of the heavens (NBCUniversal Telemundo) starring Rafael Amaya and with the participation of Fernanda Castillo
    • The Chem: Special edition (NBCUniversal Telemundo) starring Mauricio Ochmann
    • Seasons 1 and 2 of Lady Steel (NBCUniversal Telemundo) starring Blanca Soto
  • Live TV Channels: Latin Space It will feature more than 50 live TV channels covering sports, news, entertainment, soap operas, movies, music and more. The channels will include content from partners such as Canela.TV, EstrellaTV, TelevisaUnivision, The Weather Channel en Español, beIN SPORTS and more. All channels can be accessed through Espacio Latino and The Roku Channel’s Live TV Guide.
  • Roku Originals: Roku Original titles will be available on Latin Spaceincluding the recently launched series moms, narrated in Spanish by Zoë Saldaña. A brand new Spanish Roku Original, Natural Born Narcowill debut on July 8.
  • Premium Subscriptions: Users subscribed to any Premium Subscription through The Roku Channel will have access to the content of Espacio Latino.

Configuration and availability

Espacio Latino is available on The Roku Channel in the US. The language setting of the Roku device will determine whether users will experience the user interface and playback settings in Spanish or English first. Latin Space. Audio and subtitle language options can be adjusted to user preference through your Roku device’s settings in the home screen menu. Users can select Settings > System > Language to set the language of their device. All titles available at Latin Space they can be searched using voice and text commands in Spanish or English and the playback settings can be changed at any time.

Users can easily find and access the offer by clicking the left button on their remote to activate The Roku Channel’s home screen menu and selecting the “Categories” tab. Users can also enter the experience by clicking the Espacio Latino button on The Roku Channel’s home page.

The Roku Channel is very easy to access and widely available. In addition to Roku devices, The Roku Channel is available on Web, iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, and select Samsung TVs.

Advertising in Espacio Latino

The Roku Channel partners with a huge selection of brands to bring engaging content to users for free. Espacio Latino opens up more ways for advertisers to connect with viewers of Spanish-language content that are no longer found on traditional television. The LEGO Group has joined as a launch sponsor for Latin Space on The Roku Channel.

advertising in Latin Space will appear in Spanish if a user is viewing content with Spanish subtitles or Spanish audio. Ads will appear in English if English subtitles are turned on.

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