Wednesday, August 4

The role of women in science

Why does obesity cause side effects like diabetes, cancer, or cardiovascular disease? It is precisely the basis of the investigation of Guadalupe and her team.

During their last years of work they have discovered that adipose tissue undergoes a transformation into obesity. In this transformation, stress proteins are activated that can cause different diseases to develop.

Guadalupe’s informative work is essential for children, especially girls, to see in science a possibility to develop all their knowledge. The role of women in science is fundamental and it is necessary that they have greater visibility.

The scientist’s work is fully collaborative and all investigations, like Guadalupe’s, require teamwork. For this reason, this Banco Sabadell Foundation Award is also aimed at all the people who work with her every day in her laboratory.

Investing in basic science and in projects like the one in Guadalupe make progress towards better health for the future and a more just society possible.

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