Wednesday, November 30

The Russian journalist who denounced the war on television flees the country

Russian journalist Marina Ovsyánnikova, who interrupted a news program with a banner against the invasion of Ukraine, has fled the country and is under the protection of a European state, her lawyer told Reuters. The journalist had been under house arrest since August, accused by the Russian Justice of spreading “false information” about the Army.

Marina Ovsyannikova’s gesture has broken the Russian propaganda machine and will be an example

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Ovsyánnikova’s lawyer, Dmitry Zakhvatov, said on Monday that the journalist is currently “under the protection of a European state”, although he declined to give more details for security reasons.

Ovsyannikova, a journalist for Russia’s Channel One, interrupted the live broadcast of the nightly news (Vremya) on March 14 while holding a banner against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Stop the war. Do not believe the propaganda, they are lying to you,” the poster said.

Before appearing on the set, Marina Ovsyánnikova had published a video on her networks in which she explained that she had worked for years on the Russian channel: “I have been doing propaganda for the Kremlin and I am ashamed of it.” In these images, she blamed the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, for the war in Ukraine: “The responsibility for this aggression lies with one man: Vladimir Putin. My father is Ukrainian, my mother is Russian, and they have never been enemies.”

The Russian Justice then found the journalist guilty for organizing or holding a public event without notification and imposed a fine of 30,000 rubles (about 520 euros). Ovsyánnikova began to collaborate with the German newspaper Die Welta job he left in early July, according to the Russian independent media jellyfish.

After that incident, the journalist was arrested again by the Russian authorities in July. The police held her near her home and sent her to the police station for a few hours, allegedly for protesting against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Within a few hours she was released. as she posted on her Facebook page. “I went out for a walk with the dogs, and as soon as I walked out the door, people in uniform came up to me,” she explained in her first message, where it said that she was detained in a Moscow police station.

Hours later, Ovsyánikova wrote again on the social network: “I’m already home. Everything’s fine. It was a first warning. Now I know that you have to leave home with a bag and an identity document. I thank the neighbor who was nearby at the time. He brought me the things and called my lawyer and friends”.

However, one of her lawyers, Dmitri Zajvatov, told the official Russian agency RIA Nóvosti that Ovsyánnikova’s arrest could be related to a protest she had held days earlier on a bridge near the Kremlin walls with a banner and two dolls. with red paint on his face and clothes on the floor, according to a video posted that day on his Telegram channel. On the banner, the journalist had written: “Putin is a murderer, the fascist soldiers of him. 352 children have died. How many more have to die for you to stop?

In August, a Moscow court decreed house arrest for the journalist and ordered the search of her home as part of a judicial process on “false” information about the actions of the Russian Army in Ukraine. “The court satisfied the Prosecutor’s request to order house arrest as a precautionary measure for Marina Ovsyánnikova,” the press service of the Basmanni court said at the time. The 44-year-old journalist could face a sentence of up to ten years in prison for this process.

On October 5, Ovsyánnikova had published a message on her networks in which she reported that she had escaped from her home, although she did not provide further details, and since then her whereabouts have been unknown. According to information from her lawyer, the journalist has fled with her daughter, while her other son has remained in the country. Zakhvatov has assured that they will soon give more information: “We need a little time.”