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The S60 Black Edition 2022 shows the dark side of Volvo | Digital Trends Spanish

Volvo is not a brand that regularly presents special versions of their vehicles; rather, it is known for its emphasis on the safety of its occupants. From inventing the three-point seat belt in 1957—and opening the patent so manufacturers around the world could use it—to its express commitment to zero-fatal automobiles, Volvo has identified with safety. .

That’s why it’s surprising that the Swedish brand is the latest manufacturer to offer a special edition with blackened trim and accents, which are usually associated with power and speed, although they don’t always come with them. We refer to the new Volvo S60 Black Edition 2022.

Volvo S60 Black Edition.

Fortunately, the Volvo S60 Black Edition looks fantastic thanks to a profusion of black decorative accents on its exterior. On its front end, both the grille and Volvo badge are gloss black, as are the black window trim and side mirror covers. However, the protagonists of the transformation of the S60Black Edition are beautiful 19-inch exclusive design wheels also finished in gloss black. In the back, badging, lettering, trim, and even the tips of the exhaust pipes were blacked out.

According to Eric Beak, head of design at Volvo USA, “the design of the S60 Black Edition evokes a passionate response throughout the company.” Beak added that Volvo USA is “very proud that the Black Edition has been designed here in the United States and will be built by our US team in South Carolina.”

The Volvo S60 Black Edition is offered in just two colours: White Crystal While Metallic, which stands out contrastingly with black trim, lettering, badging and wheels. And for those who really want a completely monochrome look devoid of all color, Volvo offers Onyx Black Metallic, creating the blackest car we’ve seen in a long time.

Black Edition is an appearance package, so it can be ordered with the S60 Recharge plug-in hybrid train, as well as on the S60 Momentum and R-Design mild hybrid models.

The Volvo S60 Black Edition was developed in a record time of just 13 months since the first design studio was created in January 2021 thanks to the fact that, according to Volvo, a group of Swedish executives who visited the United States in November 2021 met fell in love with the proposal, approving the production of the S60 Black Edition on the spot.

Volvo S60 Black Edition

The Volvo S60 Black Edition is a one-off model for the US market with production limited to “less than 450” units by 2022. However, if it is successful, it will most likely be reproduced in the future and likely expanded to other models. Best of all, it’s as safe as any other brand vehicle.

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