Thursday, December 8

The sale of real estate in the City of Buenos Aires grew 13.2% in November

The average amount of the operations concluded, meanwhile, was $ 11,599,106, equivalent to US $ 109,642, with which it fell 24.5% in one year in pesos, and in US currency it advanced 37.2%.

“We are closing a hard year, despite the fact that the indicators speak of recovery compared to 2020; the projection is that this year we will be below 30 thousand deeds and it is a number that reflects the stimuli that the real estate market should receive,” he said the president of the College of Notaries, Jorge De Bártolo.

He added that “we hope and work so that by 2022 facilities are generated for sales and that little by little policies are specified that have credits for the medium and long term, because that is what mobilizes the sector”,

In total acts, the first eleven months of the year show a growth of 62.1% (with 25,459 deeds against 15,699 in 2020).

In the comparison with October, there was a 10.5% rise in the number of operations, compared to the 2,574 completed in the previous period.

In November, there were 146 deeds formalized with a bank mortgage, so the increase in this segment was 12.3% year-on-year, and in the first nine months this modality accumulated a growth of 43.2%.