Sunday, March 26

The ‘salmon’ Ebrard

MARCELO EBRARD IS perhaps the most experienced official of this and one of the last governments. His career has been marked by a series of ups and downs, changes and moments of extreme difficulty.

He has gone from palace lives to the solitude of self-exile, only to return to the forefront of the public scene. Along the way, he has built friendships of all generations, but he has also made enemies who would like to see him politically annulled.

Today that his presidential aspirations are more serious than ever, the attacks have not stopped increasing. However, like salmon swimming against the current, the temper of experience seems to be that it makes him resistant to all the missiles that have been sent to him in these three years of government.

We found out about Ebrard’s appointment as Chancellor through a tweet from the singer Belinda, congratulating him on his appointment three days before he announced it Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. He could have been Secretary of the Interior or of Security. However, as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, he has had to do that and more, even Health, because he was commissioned to buy anticovid vaccines.

Marcelo has two qualities that are lacking in the Mexican political class, and more so in the one that currently governs: he is intelligent and efficient. The internationalist from the Colegio de México struggles with a head of outdated ideas in international relations, which has given him the opportunity to shine on his own.

Ebrard has been able to fire precision shots, highlighting the suit against gun manufacturers in the United States brought and accepted by a US civil court, much to the annoyance of the arms industry.

This week the Foreign Minister and the Mexican government were named “persons of the year” by the Arms Control Association (ACA), an NGO in favor of disarmament, the nemesis of the powerful National Rifle Association (ANR). There are good hopes that the Court will not let arms manufacturers go blank.

He has also had to endure the presidential last word more than once. Like when one day before the fifth inauguration of Daniel Ortega, Foreign Affairs leaked the cancellation of participation in the ceremony of Martin Borrego, director of South America.

But the next day, López Obrador discredited the decision and ordered the sending of a representative, who ended up being an official from the Embassy in Managua.

It is never a good time to comply with the “whims” of the President, but the Mexican Foreign Service has always been overshadowed by the political quotas of the president in turn. In this way, all foreign ministers end up appointing representatives of the Mexican government abroad without the slightest merit. They swallow toads, as they say in politics.

It is enough to remember the reopening of the consulate in Barcelona from the past six-year term, to send the former Governor of Veracruz Fidel Herrera; to the former head of Semarnat, Juan Jose Guerra Abud, to the embassy in Italy; to the former candidate for governor of Baja California, Fernando Castro Trenti, to Argentina, or to the current fugitive Andrew Roemer, to the consulate in San Francisco. And so a long list of improvised in this one, the previous one and all six-year terms.

Ebrard has known how to endure, interpret the President’s designs and bear the political costs of the decisions made in the National Palace.

At the same time, he has managed to dodge the attacks launched at him from the seat of the capital’s government, where his opponent, Claudia Sheinbaum, has used the capital’s judicial apparatus to put pressure on him for the fall of the elevated section of Line 12 of the Metro, evading the responsibility that corresponds to her for the lack of maintenance.

Ebrard weighs well the scope of his decisions, such as when he agreed that López Obrador be a candidate for the Presidency in 2012 for the PRD by poll. He also knows that the Tabascan thinks that he owes him nothing, but that it is from the officials that he turns to resolve crises of all kinds.

Marcelo is aware that he is despised by the Morena radicals and that at any moment the “ultras” will come out into the public arena to try to trip him up.

An old wolf of the sea, a mixture of pragmatism and statesmanship, today’s Chancellor will begin a new stage in his career that will be full of shocks and will test the character acquired in four decades of political career.

Marcelo does not say it, but as Ricardo Monreal, will be on the ticket for President in the 2024 election.

IN THE SECOND week of march Carlos Salazar Lomelin will leave the presidency of the Business Coordinating Council. The former director of Femsa reached that position as a true black horse, after being proposed as a “consensus candidate” by the money men more than 4 years ago. In December 2108 he was returned from his vacation, when he was already enjoying his retirement from the group he presides over Jose Antonio Fernandez Carvajal, “The devil”. He took office in March 2019 and defended the interests of company captains as far as he could, against a Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador that he did not change a government, but a regime that he called the Fourth Transformation. Will Salazar disappear from the political scene? Contrary to popular belief, not necessarily. With everything and the messes he had with the President, the graduate of the Tec de Monterrey is appreciated by the tenant of the National Palace. He will be a kind of business adviser and operator, as Alfonso Romo. Salazar will be able to pave a political career towards the governorship of Nuevo León. What if Samuel Garcia and his wife continue to commit excesses and fall from the grace of the people of Monterrey, there is already a serious cadre, with all the presidential support, to take the reins of the most important state, economically speaking, in the country.

STRANGE SIGNS of the Attorney General of the Republic. On Thursday, the agency made a big deal out of a rehash of information that had been known for a month and a half: the arrest warrants against Victor Manuel Alvarez Puga, and his wife, Inés Gómez-Mont Arena. Actually Alejandro Gertz Manero He is sending messages to some political actors who could be compromised with the information that “El Mai” possesses and that he wants to get out at the point of pressure on lawyers and defendants. They tell us that don Alejandro’s torpedo goes directly to the senator’s buoyancy rate. Ricardo Monreal. On the other hand, they clarify that more than having displaced the criminal lawyers from the case of his niece Pablo Y Felipe Gomez-Mont Landerreche, trial attorney Fernando Gomez-Mont Urueta teamed up with them, his nephews too. But he is now the one who now has the singing voice and the fronting with Gertz and his second, John Ramos.

PORFIRIO MUÑOZ LEDO threw a tantrum because he did not appear on the list of appointments for ambassadors and consuls that were released this week. The old politician has assured that he was waiting to talk about it with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, but the President already said that he did not have that information. The fact is that the founder of the Democratizing Current of the PRI, the PRD and Morena is apparently staying out, with everything and the support that the Head of Government of Mexico City gave him for that purpose, Claudia Sheinbaum, as the spokesman for the Presidency, Jesus Ramirez. You may not know it, but both sympathize and are very close to the former ambassador of Jose Lopez Portillo before the UN. Muñoz Ledo revealed that they “offered” him the Cuban embassy, ​​but he never said who, or who. Could these two notorious members of the hard wing of Morena and the 4T have been? We’ll see if it arrives.

THE DEFENSE THAT President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has done from the morning conferences to his former head of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Santiago Grandson Castillo, makes more than one think that his return to the federal government is already ironed and that it could happen in the coming weeks. The man from Queretaro has been seen on several occasions entering Bucareli’s office to deal with adam augustus López issues other than those of his reinstatement, for which reason it is beginning to be speculated that the next office of the former head of Fepade could be right there: in the Cobián Palace, as a key piece of the current Secretary of the Interior.

THE APPREHENSION IN last December of the former leader of the capital’s PRI, Cuauhtemoc Gutierrez, was not exactly the result of a great investigation, but a consequence of the information that some former collaborators of the so-called “Basuritas” delivered to the CdMx government. In detail, the current president of the party at the local level, Israel Betanzos, and the former tricolor deputy, Tonatiuh Gonzalez, met a few days before with the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, and with his Secretary of Government, Marti Batres. A meeting in which the officials offered immunity to those also involved in the Gutiérrez corruption network, in exchange for their location.