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The Samsung Galaxy S23 would come with a disappointing load | Digital Trends Spanish

It’s been a week full of disappointing rumors about the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S23. First, it was that the smartphone will see an increasingly slight increase five percent in battery size, which will likely be completely unnoticeable to most of your user base. Today, a new leak revealed that the S23 will only support 25W wired charging.

According to him Ice Universe leaker on Twitter, the Galaxy S23 has passed its network certification, but within the documentation that comes along with being approved, it was revealed that it would support 25W charging. This is and is not surprising news as 25W has been the name of the game for the last four years of Samsung flagships.

The S10, S20, S21, and S22 have all shared 25W charging support, so it’s not a complete surprise that the S23 is following suit. That said, the fact that Samsung hasn’t altered its charging tech since 2019 has left Galaxy owners wanting more, and it looks like the S23 won’t be reinventing the wheel in terms of Samsung’s charging capabilities.

While 25W charging is not terribleSince it’s still considered fast charging, it puts Samsung’s devices at the back of the pack compared to other competing flagships. Apple and Google aren’t far ahead of Samsung in this regard, but it’s completely out of the water when looking at the Oppo Find X5 Pro or OnePlus 10T, which offer 80W and 150W charging speeds, respectively.

Samsung obviously isn’t known for its battery innovations, but the complete lack of change, while other companies have been continually upping the ante for years, is a bit disappointing. There are plenty of other reasons to be excited about the S23; however, the battery seems to be more of the same, even if it is being increased by five%.

It’s important to take this information with a grain of salt, as neither battery rumor has been officially confirmed by Samsung, but given the company’s track record, neither seems too far-fetched. It would be nice if they’re wrong and the S23 actually has a battery that can serve as a selling point when it finally launches, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

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