Thursday, October 28

The Santiago City Council will investigate the procedures that allowed the cathedral to connect for free to municipal lighting for decades

The plenary session of the Santiago City Council has approved a motion that proposes to investigate the reasons that allowed the cathedral to get hooked on public lighting and avoid large electricity bills for decades. The agreement has been adopted at the initiative of the BNG, once a partner of the PSOE in the Government, and Compostela Aberta, at the head of the local executive when it was decided to end the privilege that the religious temple would have benefited from 1968, as recorded in a municipal report revealed by Both the Popular Party and the PSOE, currently in government, have preferred to abstain from a proposal that also raises the possibility of demanding that the church return the money of so many years without paying its electricity bills.

The pact, which allowed the cathedral to save its bills, would have started during the dictatorship, according to the aforementioned report, and was closed orally in 2016, during the Government of Compostela Aberta. The government of the rupturist left gave those in charge of the temple a courtesy time to update their contracts. The cathedral took that time and waited until 2018 to disengage from the public network. None of the above occurred on any written agreement. Everything had been agreed verbally and without records until a municipal employee decided to start investigating.

Now the Compostela City Council will re-investigate what happened and will try to recover the amount of some bills that in some annuities exceeded 60,000 euros in cost.

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