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The Santiago Metro dresses up as anime and Darth Vader | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the main characteristics of Santiago de Chile is its Metro network, one of the most modern in Latin America and with more lines that connect the different points of the Chilean capital.

But not only that has made her famous, since photos of her latest “costumes” are abounding on social networks.

It turns out that crunchyrollthe streaming of the anime, is now sponsoring the cars of Line 1 and in them the gigantographies of the main series are seen.

A walking anime in the Santiago underground.

Subway Darth Vader

But the Metro of the city of Santiago not only stood out in recent days for this Crunchyroll promotion, since the transport service recently presented the new carriages of Line 7 (still under construction) and they are equal to Darth Vader .

On Twitter the same company made the comparison:

Regarding this new aspect, Metro indicated that “They have an air of Darth Vader in the mask, with a steel color and the red that we like so much”.

“Production will be at the Alstom factory located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and they will be brought by land to the L7 workshops between 2025 and 2026,” the company said on Twitter.

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