Friday, July 1

The satirical magazine ‘The Onion’ repeats its usual headline reacting to the shootings dozens of times on its cover

“There is no way to avoid this, says the only country where this happens regularly” is the headline with which the American satirical magazine ‘The onion‘ usually reacts to mass shootings in the country. After the one that this Tuesday claimed the lives of 19 children and two adults in an elementary school in Texas, the media has decided to collect on its front page all those news from different dates with the same headline.

When entering each of them, you can see that they are from different dates and refer to different shootings recorded in Indianapolis, California, Wisconsin and other places in the United States.

“In the hours after a violent attack in Texas, in which a lone attacker killed 21 people and wounded more, citizens living in the only country where such mass murders occur routinely concluded this Tuesday that there was no way to prevent the massacre from taking place, ”says the satirical text related to the massacre on Tuesday.

The satirical magazine uses testimonials to give greater emphasis to the publications, in which it highlights that in the United States there have been the “deadliest” mass shootings of the “last 50 years and its citizens are 20 times more likely to die from armed violence compared to other developed nations.

Tuesday’s attack in Uvalde, a small majority-Hispanic town on the outskirts of San Antonio, came ten days after the events in Buffalo, New York, when ten people who were shopping were shot to death in a Supermarket.

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