Tuesday, February 20

The SBS Group Quicktrade APP continues to innovate and launches its new version to the market

This launch expands the investment possibilities simply and quickly from any cell phone, for any user.

In this regard, Leandro Trigo, CEO of Grupo SBS highlighted: “We continue to innovate through our Quicktrade APP, where step by step we have incorporated all the investment instruments on the market so that the investment experience for our users is more and more complete. and overcoming “.

“Today in Quicktrade you can program your subscriptions and redemptions in mutual funds, invest in bonds, stocks, CEDEARs, negotiable obligations and even in our exclusive product Managed Account CEDEARs. Thanks to how easy and comfortable it is today to enter our APP, check any price and be able to invest in any product easily from your cell phone, we are showing more and more people the advantages of investing. ”, He added.