Saturday, September 25

The Scottish Justice files the case of Clara Ponsatí for being outside its jurisdiction after moving to Belgium

The Edinburgh Sheriff’s court has determined this Thursday that the extradition process to Spain of the former Catalan councilwoman Clara Ponsatí is “impossible” for the Scottish courts and is the responsibility of the “Spanish authorities.”

The Edinburgh court has concluded that the case of Ponsatí, claimed for a crime of sedition for his participation in the referendum of illegal independence of Catalonia in 2017, cannot be settled by the country’s justice, since the academic has moved and now lives and works in Belgium, being outside the jurisdiction of Scotland.

“You cannot extradite someone who is not here,” said Judge Nigel Ross in a hearing held this Thursday before the affected parties, the Government of Spain, represented by the Scottish Prosecutor’s Office and the defense of Clara Ponsatí, the lawyers Aamer Anwar and Clair Mitchell.