Friday, September 17

The second and only vice president of Podemos will leave the Valencian Government

The second vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana and the only representative of Podemos in the Valencian Government, Rubén Martínez Dalmau, has transferred to his team his intention to leave the regional Executive. The also Minister of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture will leave the Valencian Executive considering that he has closed a stage and has transferred his intention this Friday to his closest nucleus.

The party points to the director of the Government Labor Inspection, Héctor Illueca, as a possible replacement, although the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, is the competent figure to appoint the councilors. The departure of Dalmau leads the Valencian leader to face the crisis of Government that was planning on the Palau de la Generalitat in recent months and that had not come to fruition.

The Dalmau environment points out that the Minister of Housing considers that a stage has closed by launching a Department of Zero and activating public housing policies in the Valencian Community. In the last legislature, in which Podemos provided parliamentary support but was not part of the Executive, these policies were part of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The Ministry of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture has launched this legislature an update of the right of first refusal and retraction, a formula for the acquisition of houses that gives preference to the Generalitat in the purchase and finalizes a decree to create a public real estate portal. According to sources close to the second vice president, the also professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Valencia will leave his post at the end of the drafting of the legal norm.

Dalmau was elected head of the Podemos list at a time when the purple formation was going through a strong internal crisis. Two years later the crisis worsened with a division in the primaries to elect the regional leadership, although the party has always ensured that the post of councilor was not in danger. According to some media, the discrepancies with the Valencian coordinator, Pilar Lima, Pablo Iglesias’ right hand in autonomy, have forced the decision.

The coalition with Esquerra Unida under the brand Unides Podem, the same formula they opted for in the general elections, meant the second vice-presidency for the purple ones and the Ministry of Transparency for the left formation. Although they operate as a coalition, in practice and according to their agreement, each formation decides on its visible head. Although it is the responsibility of the President of the Generalitat to designate the members of the Consell and accept their resignations or dismissals, the formations that make up the Government of Botanicals have been respectful of their internal processes.

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