Monday, June 5

The secretary of mobilization of the Asturian socialists and a local leader of the PP resign for attack on authority

The secretary of Mobilization and Dynamization of the Asturian Socialist Federation, Pilar Huerta, and her partner, Ignacio Cifuentes, president of the PP of Sariego, have submitted their resignation voluntarily after they were arrested this weekend in the town of Posada de Llanera accused of a crime of attack on authority for an incident with agents of the Civil Guard.

The events occurred on Saturday night when Cifuentes, number five in the local PP candidacy in the municipality of Sariego, was arrested for threatening to kill and attacking the Civil Guard agents who went to the Plaza de la Constitución in Posada after receiving a notice that he was mistreating a minor.

Cifuentes was clearly intoxicated when he was arrested for resisting and attacking authority in the presence of Huerta who, at first, rebuked the agents and hindered police action for which he was informed that he would be denounced.

Later, when the man was being put into a vehicle to be taken to the cells, the socialist leader was arrested for insulting, threatening and shoving the civil guards, with one of whom she even struggled on the ground after pounced on them .

The Asturian Socialist Federation has reported in a statement that the secretary for mobilization and revitalization of the party has presented her withdrawal as a militant, which has been accepted “while the facts are clarified.” From the Popular Party they have confirmed that Cifuentes has submitted his resignation “voluntarily.”

The general secretary of the FSA-PSOE and current president of the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, has assured that he does not know the details of what happened except that Huerta has announced his resignation from the militancy. “In that we are blunt. We Socialists have very high standards and, when there is even the slightest doubt and until things are clarified, it is a good step”, he warned after stating that “this does not happen in other parties” and considering it important that in these cases there be “forceful gestures ”

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