Monday, January 17

The seer Pepita Vilallonga, sentenced to two and a half years in prison for fraud

The Barcelona Court has sentenced the well-known tarot reader Pepita Vilallonga and two other people to two and a half years in prison for a continuing crime of fraud. The condemned will also not be able to carry out esoteric activities during the same period.

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The sentence assumes that the three defendants swindled a woman whom they predicted imminent death. The court considers it proven that they took advantage of the woman’s personal situation and through various deceptions they managed to get her to pay them more than 40,000 euros, under the excuse that they were helping her avoid this death.

Thus, they first got the payment of 4,400 euros. Later they asked him 10,000 more to get the help of ‘Father Giorgio’. Two days later, the defendants informed the woman that this man had suffered an accident and asked him for an additional 17,000 euros, which the woman agreed to pay. Later he also agreed to pay 10,000 euros more. When they asked her, on a later visit, for another payment of 3,000 euros, the woman told them that she had no more money.

The woman regularly asked for invoices for everything she had paid but they were not delivered. At one point, she came to the office with a tape recorder in her bag because she was already aware that she was being scammed. Two of the accused found out and abducted her.

The victim of the scam was at a time of “great fragility and emotional vulnerability” as a result of an anxiety-depressive syndrome with emotional stress that had dragged on for years. He was granted permanent disability retirement with a degree of absolute disability.

The tarot reader declared that she did not know the victim and that she had never thrown her cards. In his statement, he assured that on the day of the events he was in a notary’s office and the defense provided a witness who assured it. The court, however, does not consider the presence of the clairvoyant at the notary to be credited or, in any case, that this ensures that she could not also be in the consultation that day and throw the letters to the victim. The court adds that it has no doubts about the victim’s statement and that Vilallonga’s participation is “clear and evident.”

The court, however, rules out that the three people were part of a criminal group since it has not been proven that the union of the accused for the concerted commission of this type of crime.

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