Tuesday, September 21

The Seoane Foundation reconvenes its board of trustees without a proposal on the alleged falsity of the work attributed to the painter

The Seoane Foundation Board of Trustees will meet again tomorrow, July 27, almost four months after elDiario.es published a report with the institution’s own stamp in which the authorship of 18 of the 26 works attributed to Luís was questioned. Seoane at the exhibition Maximum Creations of Exact Measurements, in Lalín. But, despite the commitments made in the previous meeting of the body, the agenda that will be debated tomorrow, prepared by its management -chaired by the mayor of A Coruña Inés Rey and directed by Silvia Longueira-, does not make explicit reference to their agreement most importantly: the search for legal advice from heritage experts to seek “the ideal ways to examine and guarantee the attributions of the works of Luís Seoane of personal ownership”.

A devastating report from the Seoane Foundation also casts doubt on the authorship of the painter’s works exhibited alongside those of Maruja Mallo

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The trustees have not received documentation on the points that appear in the call, nor have they received any clarifications about them. Not even after expressly requesting it, as did the municipal group of Marea Atlántica, represented in the foundation by its vice spokesman Iago Martínez. Thus, the debate, if any, will be practically blind. There is also a significant absence on the agenda: the minutes of the previous meeting are not recorded for review and approval by the members of the board of trustees. It was in it that the alleged falsity of the 13 oil paintings, four gouaches and a watercolor by Seoane from the Lalín exhibition and the report published by this newspaper was discussed. From the direction of the entity they responded to Atlantic Tide that the aforementioned document will be discussed in the next meeting, “something absolutely unusual”, they explain in the formation of the left.

The fact is that only item three on the agenda is related to judicial work. It proposes to “empower the president” -the mayor of A Coruña, the socialist Inés Rey- to “grant a power of attorney for lawsuits in favor of the lawyers Mr. Abraham Piñeiro Rodríguez and Mr. Jesús Massa Rey”, in addition to the attorney José Antonio Castro Bugallo. The Massa y Piñeiro law firm had already prepared a brief report to analyze the legal implications of the controversial exhibition – in which there were also dubious paintings by Maruja Mallo and which the town council had organized in collaboration with the Xunta, which paid for the catalog; the commissioner was Antón Castro. The lawyers then concluded that, if “works of art attributed to Mr. Luís Seoane are being commercialized and which are presumably false”, the crime would be “fraud in its aggravated form.” And the penalties provided in the Penal Code, from one to six years in prison and a fine of six to 12 months.

The Massa y Piñeiro office does not have one specialized in artistic heritage among its services. Its website includes civil, labor and social security, administrative, criminal, commercial and private international law, but no mention of the world of art. At the last meeting of the board of trustees, the agreement reached – as the foundation published in a statement – spoke of “offering a legal legal framework that clears any type of doubt about the creations attributed to the artist.”

Point four of the agenda for the meeting on July 27 asks the mayor and president of the Seoane Foundation to transfer “a power of attorney” so that its director, Silvia Longueira, has powers such as “execute and do comply with the agreements of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee, “” attend the sessions of the Executive Committee “or” prepare the Foundation’s Report and Budgets as well as the liquidation of accountability. ” The other two sections to be discussed are more routine: they refer to the approval of the 2020 activity report and annual accounts.