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The set where Rust is filmed adds another tragic event | Digital Trends Spanish

Several experts from the film industry have warned about serious security flaws on the set where Rust, a movie starring Alec Baldwin, is filmed.

The warning voices arose after the tragic death of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins due to an involuntary shot by the actor in the middle of filming.

Although an investigation by specialized agencies determined serious security flaws at the location, everything indicates that the recording of the western continued almost normally.

At least until now when a new tragic event has been registered. The victim is Jason Miller, a lighting technician who was bitten by a poisonous spider on the set of Rust.

According to information revealed by Sky News, the worker was bitten by a brown hermit spider, a species native to North America and possessing powerful necrotic venom.

In fact, after the incident, Miller suffered a major blood infection that caused necrosis. Doctors are now considering amputating his arm.

“Miller was hospitalized and subjected to multiple operations for days in a row while doctors do everything possible to stop the infection and avoid amputation of the arm,” says the media.

“Jason will have a long road to recovery if the medical team can save his arm. In the worst case, he will lose his upper limb, which will be a devastating event that will seriously affect his life and that of his family members ”.

Previously, the film crew had already complained about the lack of security measures during the filming of the film and unsuitable working conditions on the set in New Mexico.

In fact, a preliminary investigation indicates that some workers were firing the gun that killed Hutchins as a game shortly before Baldwin’s fatal shot.

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