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The short and sad story of Windows Millennium | Digital Trends Spanish

Windows is considered the most popular operating system today. In fact, the announcement of Windows 11 has aroused great expectation on the part of users and followers of the traditional Microsoft OS.

However, its history has not always been fraught with success; In fact, today, we remember Windows Millenium that was launched precisely on September 14, but in the year 2000.

Windows Millennium Edition, also known as Windows ME, is considered the worst operating system designed by Microsoft. In fact, it was dubbed Windows Mistake Edition.

Problems appear

In fact, the failures associated with this OS began from the beginning, when many wanted to update it from Windows 98. According to customer complaints, the system did not recognize some drivers, the printers did not connect and the graphics cards did not support their normal setting.

It was in this version that the much-dreaded Windows screen of death (blue screen) began to become popular.

According to an article by Forbes, a group of specialists at the time also noticed a series of problems when they began to force the use of this system, basically it became more unstable.

Although, this OS presented interesting new features that are still preserved, such as the possibility of restoring the system, the automatic update and hibernate mode, its performance problems were more noticeable and ended up overshadowing these useful resources.

Thus, the complaints associated with the system crash, the blockages and the impossibility of carrying out the work in a normal way, continued to increase. In fact, many companies had serious problems due to the inconveniences that Millennium presented.

All this series of inconveniences forced Microsoft to act fast. The most important thing was to erase the Windows Millennium legacy early and protect the company’s reputation a little.

Thus, in October 2001, just a year after the launch of Millennium, the company announced Windows XP, which ended up becoming one of the most popular operating systems, which even continued to work for 18 years until October 2019.

The most important thing for technology is that it was able to quickly bury the failed Windows Me, although its short and sad history is still remembered.

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