Monday, May 23

The simplified discount of Credit Invoices exists, but MSMEs need to know about it

“The challenge lies in the simplicity and it is something that we understood from the very beginning, that is why we created an ‘all-in-one’ product that only requires the creation of a useful online account for viewing, managing, discounting and crediting the funds. . All self-manageable and without requiring a credit rating, balances or billing levels”, he mentions Bruno Cosentino, CEO and Co-founder of the company. And he adds: “Although the volume of MSMEs that, either through a sophisticated or simplified means, find an effective mechanism to discount Credit Invoices month by month in Argentina grows, it is relatively small when compared to the total potential. They are clearly Companies and Professionals that manage to be more competitive, have greater liquidity and that broke the limits of their lines of credit granted by the traditional financial system from one moment to the next and it is a benefit that we want to make available to all those involved in this surgery as soon as possible.” “This is our challenge, that the more than 200,000 MSMEs with one of these instruments in their hands know that there is a simple way to convert it into cash before its maturity, without the need to have technical knowledge in the matter, without a specific credit rating and reaching the best market conditions”, adds Cosentino.

As an annex and no less important fact, from the INVOITION team of experts dedicated to corporations, they are convinced that it is a a good time for MSMEs to find effective and simplified ways to discount this instrument based on some behavioral indices produced by their systems. They reveal that the Large Receiver Companies, the other operational leg necessary for this instrument to take a real stir, are beginning to “loosen” in the operation. For example, increasing by 20% the express acceptance of Credit Invoices in the last quarter of 2021 among some other positive indices. These are, in general, large first-line companies that carry out an active program and are genuinely interested in generating benefits for their suppliers and are basing their operations on technology.

For it This specialized team INVOITION It moves with an active system, attentive to the interests and objectives of said Large Companies. IIncluding, providing step-by-step advice in an updated and proactive manner, also equipping them with strategies and technological tools aimed at the management, monitoring, channeling and control of these assets and achieving improvements in high-impact financial operations.