Friday, January 28

The singer Ana Torroja asks the Government for the marquisate that Franco granted to her grandfather

Outside the chessboard “there are no classes or apartheid”, said that song by Mecano entitled ‘The pawn of the king of black’. In real life, however, social classes exist and now Ana Torroja, the singer of that famous pop band, wants to assert her noble rights: the Marquis of Torroja has asked the Ministry of Justice to grant posthumously to his grandfather, the dictator Francisco Franco.

PSOE and United We can propose to eliminate 33 titles of nobility granted during the Franco regime

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Eduardo Torroja Miret was a famous civil engineer – nicknamed ‘the wizard of reinforced concrete’ -, from whose head came the calculations to keep buildings as emblematic as the roof of the grandstands standing. Zarzuela Racecourse and of the disappeared Fronton Recoletos, in Madrid; the González Byass wineries, in Jerez, or the roof of the Algeciras Food Market, in addition to noted bridges, churches, aqueducts and viaducts in several Spanish and Latin American cities.

Ana Torroja’s request, published in the BOE this friday and advanced by journalist Eva Belmonte on Twitter, goes to the Ministry of Justice. The singer, who has eight siblings, asks to inherit the noble title that she passed from her grandfather to her father, the also renowned engineer José Antonio Torroja, who died on July 14 of this year.

Noble successions are regulated by a 1912 decree, modified in 1988, in which whoever considers himself legitimate to inherit the title has one year to request it. If the petition is vacant, other terms are set in motion up to a total of five years, after which “greatness and titles” expire, but can be rehabilitated before 40 years.

If no one disputes Ana Torroja’s request, a letter signed by the king will consider the succession approved and the singer will be officially marquise

In the event that other people dispute the title, it is the Courts who decide who the distinction falls on. If, on the other hand, no one opposes Ana Torroja’s request, a letter signed by the king will approve the succession and the singer will be officially Marquesa de Torroja.

The former star of Mecano –one of the most influential bands in pop music in Spanish, with followers in Latin America and in several European countries– returned to the front pages of newspapers in 2014 for reasons unrelated to her renowned musical career: she was accused of tax evasion and processed in a court in Palma. The singer then admitted three tax crimes, committed in 2003, 2006 and 2007, and agreed to pay 1.5 million euros to the Treasury.

The instigators of the coup

Last November, the groups that make up the coalition government proposed, through the reform of the Memory Law, the direct suppression of 33 titles of nobility that were granted between 1948 and 1978. During the Franco dictatorship dozens of characters adept at the regime.

PSOE and United We can registered an amendment in which they list the duchies, marquesados ​​or counties that extol the coup, the dictatorship or its instigators or participants, among them the Marquis of Torroja does not appear, although it was granted by the dictator posthumously . That is, despite being a prize awarded by Franco, this distinction would not incur “cause of suppression”, since it was not proven that Eduardo Torroja extolled the coup, the war or the dictatorship.

“With the research work already carried out, it is possible at this time to determine the titles of nobility and greatness of Spain that incur because of suppression for exalting the coup, the war and the dictatorship, and their instigators, leaders or participants of the repressive system or of the organizations that supported the dictatorial regime, which makes it possible to include an express reference to them in this article and to establish their suppression directly, thus being the legislator himself, the depositary of popular sovereignty, who expels from the set of noble titles existing at present those whose base is constituted by a series of offensive behaviors against human dignity and other fundamental rights committed in pre-constitutional times “, express the groups in the amendment to which had access.