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The six most popular immigration hoaxes in 2021

“In the Canary Islands, illegal immigrants stealing motorcycles from food delivery men” or “he sells cocaine (1,000 euros) and, meanwhile, Spaniards pay him 1,000 euros a month” are messages that accompanied two of the most viral videos that have been shared this 2021 making believe that they had a relationship with migrants in Spain.

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But not only that. Also videos recorded from humor that have been disseminated decontextualized as if they were real, hoaxes to fuel the crisis experienced after the crossing of thousands of migrants on May 17 in Ceuta or false payments to unaccompanied foreign minors are some of the false contents about Most Viral Immigration This Year.

The video of the theft of a motorcycle from a food delivery man did not happen in the Canary Islands

At the beginning of the year, images of a robbery of a Glovo deliveryman circulated on WhatsApp with messages that made people believe that it was an event that involved “illegal immigrants” who had just arrived in the Canary Islands. However, this video, which had previously circulated stating that it had been recorded in Barcelona, ​​did not correspond to a robbery anywhere in Spain, but occurred in Italy on January 1, 2021.

As published on January 3 web Fanpage, is an event that took place in Calata Capodichino, a street in Naples, which can be verified by comparing the furniture seen in the video with the one that appears in the images of Google Street View. Also means like Il Mesaggero They affirmed that the event took place on the night of January 1 to 2 in the city of Naples and that the attacked man was a 50-year-old man. In addition, Francesco Emilio Borrelli, regional councilor of the Green Europe party, published a video on his Facebook page in which he spoke with the attacked delivery man.

This man from Curaçao who says he charges 1,000 euros in aid is not recorded in Spain

Shortly after, in March, an interview with a man who claimed to be from Curaçao and who said that the State gave him 1,000 euros of aid without working went viral on TikTok. The man claimed that this aid was received in Spain. However, the video in which those statements were made, which circulated with messages such as “he sells cocaine (1,000 euros) and, while, the Spaniards pay him 1,000 euros a month” or “they give him a little flat too”, there was no been recorded in Spain. Also, it wasn’t current either.

It was an excerpt from a show Stray Travelers over Amsterdam (Netherlands) issued in September 2009, as can be seen from minute 42 in the video of the program. Curaçao, the country that the protagonist of the video claimed to be, was part of the Netherlands Antilles until October 2010. Since then, it is an autonomous country that belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, according to the Government of the Netherlands in his web page.

The exclusive false aid for Muslim women to wear a veil

“Veiled Muslim women receive a special grant.” With this message, a video was shared in May in which a veiled woman claimed that she received “special help for veiled Muslim women” or that they “are considering” buying her a car because she has a large family. However, it was a decontextualized video.

These images, which went viral on WhatsApp, had been taken from TikTok, where the author explained at the bottom of the publication that it was “sarcasm.” In addition, she herself assured that he had never received social aid and that all the data that appeared in the video were “made up, from the aid, car, financing of the master’s degree, to personal data”. Also from the Ministry of Equality or the Department of Social Policies, Family, Equality and Natality of the Community of Madrid, a region referred to in the Instagram account of the protagonist of the video, they deny that social aid is given on the basis of to religion.

The image of the baby rescued by a civil guard was not taken in Turkey

A few days later, with the crossing of thousands of migrants from the border between Morocco and Ceuta, misinformers took advantage of this situation to sow chaos. One of the most viral false content of this 2021 is precisely one that stated that an image published by the Civil Guard in which an agent rescued a baby had not been taken in Ceuta, but was old and from Turkey. This hoax was based on the fact that when looking for the image by reverse search, the first result of the Yandex search engine indicated that it was from Turkey.

However, the photo that appeared within that content was not that of the rescued baby, but that of a woman who fell into the sea in Istanbul. In addition, the Civil Guard explained to that the rescue that is seen in the image took place on May 17 in Ceuta. On the other hand, the person who appeared in the image was Juan Francisco, a member of the Special Group for Underwater Activities (GEAS), as he himself told various media during the following days.

The video that says that Moroccans live on government aid is “humorous”

The video of the veiled woman who claims that she receives aid for wearing it is not the only one that was recorded from humor and then has been disseminated as real. The hoax that you have asked us the most about is a recording in which you see five men on the beach who say that being Moroccans and without ever having paid in Spain they live on government social aid. As he assured The protagonist of this video, which was released in August, is about “humor” and affirms that on his social networks he makes “a humorous complaint.” In addition, he said that the five people who appear in the video work and trade “like any Spaniard.”

This video was extracted from his Tiktok account, which is defined in the biography as “ZASCAS Y COMEDIA”, where he has other publications in which he says that his videos are “humorous” and that he makes a “social criticism”. In another recording from March 2021, he also assures that he comes from Morocco and affirms that he is a “Spanish citizen, nationalized Spanish, who lives in Spain, works and contributes”.

The “menas” do not receive monthly payments of between 300 and 1,125 euros

“And you, do you know the monthly payment of the menas?” With this message, a video was shared in 2021 stating that unaccompanied foreign minors received 1,125 euros in the Valencian Community or 400 euros in Madrid. The figures in this video had been taken from a map that also gave other amounts such as 300 euros in Murcia or 399 euros in Galicia. But no: unaccompanied migrant minors do not receive payments of either 300 or 1,125 euros per month, as they deny from all the autonomous communities to Damn it.

That map came from a content of The Spanish and inside it was specified that the figures had been extracted from aid to former ward both for nationals and foreigners. In addition, it was pointed out that the aid referred to is usually the Minimum Income for vulnerable people in each community.