Friday, December 3

The Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S arrives in Spain: price and availability of the heater with WiFi from the Xiaomi ecosystem

In the middle of this year he arrived in Spain Smartmi, one of the many brands that make up Xiaomi’s connected product ecosystem. He did it with a series of purifiers, humidifiers and fans and today he adds a new product to his catalog: a smart convection heater.

We talk about Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1s, a heater with 2,200W of power, IPX4 resistance (for the shower) and the ability to connect to the rest of the Xiaomi ecosystem products via WiFi and Xiaomi Mi Home. Its price? 139.99 euros.

Ficha técnica del Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S

Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S

dimensions and weight

684 x 459 x 202 mm

5,8 kilos

1.5 meter cable



Adjustable to 900, 1,300 and 2,200W

power supply


Maximum area

50 square meters

Recommended area

20 square meters


Touch display

Temperature and humidity indicator


Brightness control


Between 16ºC and 32ºC


Protection against overheating

Fall protection

Child lock

IPX4 resistance





GH Assistant


2x installation legs


139,90 euros

Warm thanks to convection

The Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S is a convection or convector heater. In short, inside the device there are resistors that they heat the air that circulates through them and expel it upwards. This device has no internal fans and therefore “ensures quiet operation by eliminating any noticeable airflow,” according to the company.

It is a relatively compact device and weighs 5.8 kilos. Within it we find 72 aluminum sheets of “high efficiency” that, in the words of the firm, “make the Smart Convector Heater 1S have a radiant area of ​​4,600 square meters”.

Smartmi Smart Convector Heater Iii

According to Smartmi, it is capable of heat rooms of up to 50 square meters and we can even take it to the bathroom, as long as it has IPX4 resistance. It allows setting temperatures between 16ºC and 32ºC and has humidity and temperature sensors to automatically adjust when the set value is reached. Its total power is up to 2,200W.

As a smart device, it can be controlled remotely from the Mi Home app (iOS, Android) or from the touch screen. Finally, it should be noted that it has an overheating protection sensor (it automatically disconnects it if it exceeds 95ºC) and fall protection (it disconnects it if it is inclined more than 45º).

Versions and price of the Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S

The Smartmi Smart Convector Heater 1S will be available for 139,90 euros on the company’s website. However, between November 8 and 14 it can be obtained for 99 euros.