Wednesday, October 27

The socialist mayor of Móstoles charged for forgiving a millionaire debt to a company

The socialist mayor of Móstoles, Noelia Posse, has been called to testify in court next November. The magistrate is investigating whether, as reported by Ganar Móstoles, the council forgave a debt of public money of almost two and a half million euros to the ITV Móstoles company. The complaint is directed against twelve more people.

The Plenary of the City Council condemns the mayor of Móstoles for placing family and friends in public office

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The summons, to which this newspaper has had access, summons the mayor as a defendant on November 18 at a quarter to eleven in the morning in the court of instruction 1 of the town. Shortly before, a businessman has also been cited as a witness.

The Ganar Móstoles complaint denounces that the Posse executive forgave a debt of 2,455,725.39 euros to ITV Móstoles in an irregular manner. The company was awarded a contract by which it obtained the public concession of a plot in the municipality for three decades and with an initial fee of 133,000 euros per year. The company stopped paying and requested the cancellation of the debt in addition to a reduction of the canon.

The complaint denounces, in the first place, that in 2020 the Governing Board granted the pre-bankruptcy “already knowing the unfavorable position of the Secretariat and Intervention officials” also acting “with serious damage to the Local Treasury.” The pre-competition, the complaint denounces, “was only intended to give an appearance of legality to what was intended to be done since the previous year, which was to modify the concession fee downwards and also on this occasion also impose a removes against public sector legislation. ”

The final step was processed urgently in October 2020 when, according to the complaint, the Governing Board approved “a 50% reduction of the concessionaire’s debt, the reduction of the annual fee and the postponement until 2040 of the rest of the debt ( without interest or surcharges of any kind) at a rate of 30,000 euros per year “. The complainants denounce that the operation was processed urgently “in a fraudulent manner precisely, to avoid unfavorable reports from the Intervention and the Secretariat, as had been happening to date, in order to be able to exempt their responsibility.”

Message to the PSOE

The complaint that has led to this accusation was filed by Ganar Móstoles, who two years ago withdrew his support for Posse and left the PSOE in a minority in the local government. Speaking to the media, his spokesman Gabriel Ortega has sent a message to the socialists after hearing the accusation: “This cannot continue like this, it is very serious, we ask the PSOE of Madrid to react. To stop crossing your arms and look the other way, because they are giving our city to the right with this government and these practices of very doubtful legality. ”

The spokesperson for the formation also recalls that “unfortunately we had to file a complaint after having given 2.5 million public money from all Mostoleñas and Mostoleños through a tax amnesty to a private company.”

They are alleged irregularities that are added to others such as the contracts to fix the damages caused by a festival as well as the disapproval of Posse by the plenary in October 2019 for the presence of family and friends in public office.