Friday, September 24

The son of a New Zealand minister interrupts his mother in an interview to show a “strangely shaped” carrot

New Zealand Minister Carmel Sepuloni has become the latest public figure to suffer an embarrassing and unfortunate incident while making a live video call, after her son interrupted his television interview to show the entire audience a strangely shaped carrot.

The video, which the same minister shared on her social networks, adds to the number of online television interviews interrupted by irrepressible children, an increasingly common genre in the era of COVID-19, with the passage of interviews and face-to-face meetings to video calls.

“That moment when you’re doing a LIVE interview via Zoom and your son walks into the room screaming and holding a deformed carrot with the silhouette of the male parts,” Sepuloni tweeted. “Yeah, we almost fought over a carrot in front of the camera, and yeah, even though I’m laughing at it now, I wasn’t doing it at the time!”

New Zealand remains at level 4 lockdown, whereby all but essential workers must stay home and schools across the country are closed. Sepuloni wanted to send a greeting to all the parents who combine the education of their children at home with teleworking. “Encourage all those who work from home and are parents at the same time: I understand you!”. In addition, the minister has assured to have learned a lesson: “Note for me: I will not return to buy the package of carrots with strange form”.

Among the most famous examples of television interviews interrupted by children are that of Professor Robert Kelly, whose children came in while he was live on the BBC talking about South Korean politics, and that of Sky News’ foreign affairs editor, Deborah Haynes, whose son demanded “two cookies” during her live report.

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