Friday, September 24

The son of an Afghan woman who worked for Spain, among the victims of the Kabul airport attack

The son of an Afghan woman who worked for a company that provided services to the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) is one of the dozens of victims claimed by the terrorist attack last Thursday in the vicinity of the Kabul airport , according El Confidencial has advanced and has confirmed Guhulam N., barely 20 years old, is the first known victim from the environment of the group of collaborators from Spain in Afghanistan.

The woman, along with her son and other relatives, traveled to Kabul from Badghís with a Spanish document as collateral. The woman was part of the Spanish evacuation lists, sources from the Foreign Ministry confirm to, but they have no confirmation of her son, who died in the terrorist attack perpetrated by ISIS-K that claimed hundreds of deaths, including 13 American soldiers.

The family did not reach the airfield and no member was identified. His mother and the rest of the family unit have left Kabul and returned to Badghís to bury the young man, according to El Confidencial.

Kabul suffered new attacks on Monday that targeted the airport, just a few hours before the deadline for the total withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan and the end of evacuations. The city has woken up with the launch of several projectiles at the airport, fired from the rear of a vehicle, in an attack that was claimed hours later by the Afghan branch of the jihadist group Islamic State, the same authors of the attack in which Guhulam N.

The attacks on Monday took place after the city suffered two other explosions on Sunday, one caused by the launch of a US drone against a vehicle in which alleged members of ISIS-K were traveling and another by the impact of a rocket against a house.

USA continues with evacuations

The Kabul airport is the focus of these attacks. Already before the attack last Thursday, the United States had received alerts of “credible threats” against the airfield, which since the Taliban took full control of Afghanistan on August 15, has concentrated thousands of Afghans trying to flee the country.

Despite the attacks on Monday, the White House maintains evacuation operations “without interruption,” as they assured in a statement. The artifacts were mostly intercepted by the missile defense system deployed at the airport.

These evacuations, however, are scheduled to end tomorrow, when the deadline set by the United States to end its operations in the country is met and, if not met, would mean crossing a “red line”, according to the Taliban.

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