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The sounds that the Chinese rover Zhurong recorded on Mars | Digital Trends Spanish

The competition for space exploration on Mars is getting more and more interesting. On the one hand, there is the Perseverance rover sent by NASA. But you are not alone. In recent weeks a new protagonist has been added, it is Zhurong, the robotic vehicle of the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA).

The Asian giant has no problem showing all the satisfaction it feels towards this modern device and is constantly sharing material recorded by the same rover.

Now, the CNSA has published a series of images and videos showing the landing of the vehicle on the Martian surface, something that we had not seen in the case of Perseverance. This, particularly, because the Zhurong has a remote camera, which is one of its most outstanding elements.

Huge Zhurong update: Here & # 39; s full footage of the Zhurong rover & # 39; s EDL, showing parachute deployment, backshell separation, and landing, including very cool hover during hazard avoidance phase. [CNSA/PEC]

& mdash; Andrew Jones (@AJ_FI) June 27, 2021

One of the most impressive videos shows the rover descending from the landing platform. The novelty here is that the cameras were able to record the sound it made when descending to the surface, especially the noise its wheels made when moving on the ramp.

The rover can also be seen hovering over the surface of Mars and hovering near the landing pad for the famous selfie the two took.

It should be remembered that Zhurong landed on Mars in May as part of the Chinese Tianwen-1 mission that reached the planet’s orbit in February.

After descending from the orbiter to the surface, Zhurong began his journey on Utopia Planitia, a flat plain where NASA’s Vikin2 module landed in 1976.

Due to the distance at which they are, it is highly unlikely that Zhurong and Perseverance will meet on the surface of Mars.

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