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The Space Force do not like that nobody knows them | Digital Trends Spanish

The Space Force is a branch of the United States Armed Forces. In 2019 it was declared an independent military service by Donald Trump, and its mission is to help monitor and operate the satellites and spacecraft of that nation.

This can be considered a very noble and important goal, especially at a time when space exploration has had a great boost from the private sphere. The only problem is that the Space Force is unknown to anyone.

At least that is the perception they have within the branch, although they hope that this will change over time.

“In many ways, it is still lumped in with the Air Force. She is still new and has not expanded her own culture, but I think that will grow and change, ”said cadet Conor Williams Deans, in an interview with Army.

In the Space Force they also report an episode that can be considered anecdotal.

Members of the United States Space Force with Donald Trump.
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A branch captain was denied a discount offered to members of the United States Armed Forces on Spirit Airlines, only because the counter clerk didn’t believe the Space Force actually existed.

“At that moment I was stunned. We tried to assume it methodically and convinced him that the Space Force was real”, narrated the officer involved in this curious fact.

The problem for these servers is that neither their own relatives nor their friends know what this military service consists of.

“I’ve been asked as I stand in my military uniform: ‘Is the Space Force a real thing?’ Many people do not understand what we do, and we are not many; we are tiny,” adds another member of the force.

The problem is that it is difficult for them to continue to be taken seriously, since, according to those affected, many people confuse this force with the series space force from Netflix.

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