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The space race has a new member: Bill Gates | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent years, the exploration of space has had a significant boost with the incorporation of new members from the business world.

These are important entrepreneurs accustomed to innovating in the field of technology. The best known are Elon Musk (SpaceX), Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic), in fact, the latter two have tested their ships by making trips to the edge of space.

Of course, they are not the only firms currently experimenting with space tourism, but they are the ones with the most resources. In fact, both SpaceX and Blue Origin were at odds due to a million-dollar contract from NASA for the development of a lunar landing platform.

A new member

According to the site Space news, Microsoft founder Bill Gates could become the new competitor in the space race.

Through Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the tycoon led the latest investment round for Stoke Space, a company that has expressed interest in developing reusable rockets, a technology that would be instrumental in promoting the colonization of places as distant as Mars.

In recent days, Stoke Space managed to raise $ 65 million through the funding process. In addition to Breakthrough Energy Ventures, led by Gates, Global Founders Capital and Toyota Ventures also participated.

Stoke space

What is the proposal?

Stoke Spaces wants its rockets to be 100 percent reusable. According to information provided by the company, the first stage of development will focus on the second phase of this launch vehicle.

Thus, the financing round led by the founder of Microsoft will be used to complete the prototype of this phase and carry out the first flight tests at the end of next year.

The intention of the company is also to carry out quick launches and at a lower cost. In this way, they would be solving some of the main obstacles of the space race, which are the scarce availability of launches and the high values ​​that they can reach.

Stoke space

This would be one of the points that most excited Bill Gates, especially the development of cheaper technology that can also be more sustainable.

“Our goal for this round was to find investors who are long-term thinkers, looking for cutting edge technology and hardware manufacturing. It is our fundamental goal to use space to make life on Earth better, more scalable and sustainable, ”explained Andy Lapsa, co-founder and CEO of Stoke Spaces.

In this way, the space race could acquire a new direction with the arrival of Bill Gates, one that is more committed to the development of green technologies and that do not pollute so much, thus responding to the warning of a group of scientists who warned about the impact negative of space launches for our planet.

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