Wednesday, August 10

The special “Spain lives in flats” by wins the European Digital Media 2022 award

The special report of “Spain lives in flats” has won the prize European Digital Media Awards 2022, the journalism prizes awarded by the World Media Association (WAN-IFRA) for the European continent. The awards have selected the project as the “best data visualization” in Europe in 2021.

“Spain lives in flats” is an innovative journalistic project developed by Raúl Sánchez and Analía Plaza that analyzes the cartographic plans of more than 12 million buildings throughout the country to map the height and urban landscape of Spanish cities in three dimensions. The research shows in an interactive journey why Spain is one of the countries that has built the highest and densest compared to all the cities in the world.

The Digital Media Awards “highlight the best innovative initiatives” within European newsrooms and media and the special “Spain lives in flats” by stood out for “excellence in design”, “clarity of information” and the “visual impact of the project”. Vocento and Diari Ara are the other Spanish media that were nominated in one of the categories.

The project “Spain lives in flats” has been recognized in other national and international awards. It was third in the international awards INMA Global Media Awards, one of the most prestigious world awards for journalism and communication companies awarded by the International Media Association (INMA, for its acronym in English). He also received a second prize in the II Vicente Verdú Prize for Journalism and Innovationwhich valued the consolidation of new quality formats, such as data journalism, in the production and visualization of the stories presented.

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