Monday, November 28

The spectacular chair designed by Volkswagen | Digital Trends Spanish

Gamer chairs are gaining ground among office workers and those mainly who work at home, due to the comfort they provide with so many hours sitting in front of the computer. And now volkswagen he made his own design, but only for promotional use, as it is not currently forecasted to be sold.

And yes McDonald’s He was presenting his chair last week, the Germans are not far behind:

This office chair comes with a built-in motor and controls, allowing the user to drive it at a more than respectable top speed of 20 km/h. And watch out, because that’s just one of the features built into this one-of-a-kind office furniture.

In fact, they managed to install not only a real motor and driving controls, but also a seat belt, horn, built-in speakers, and even tiny rims for the chair’s wheels.

This futuristic office chair also comes with 360-degree collision avoidance sensors, a rearview camera, a touch screen, headlights built into the armrests, LED party lights, USB charging, a small pocket to store documents, and logo WV stitched on headrest. And yes, the chair has a swappable battery that offers a range of around 12 km on a single charge.

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