Wednesday, November 30

The spectacular photo of the Moon of 174 megapixels | Digital Trends Spanish

A beautiful photo of Moon with a resolution of 174 megapixels it is the one that Andrew McCarthy and Connor Matherme released. An astrophotographer known for his spectacular photos of the cosmos, and a planetary scientist and amateur astrophotographer respectively.

The beautiful image shows colors of the lunar soil that have never been seen so clearly, such as the classic grays, ochres, and certain more bluish tones.

The photo is called “The Hunt for Artemis” and is a tribute to the upcoming exploration mission NASA’s Artemis I.

“Within 9 days, a crewed lunar rocket will depart from Cape Canaveral in Florida,” McCarthy wrote on Instagram. “Demonstrating our capability for lunar missions for the first time in 50 years.”

The image is actually a mosaic made up of more than 200,000 photos. McCarthy took 200,000 black-and-white photos from Arizona, while Matherme, more specialized in deep space photos, took 500 photos from Louisiana. In addition, an astronomical position tracker was used to move the camera. Printed copies are for sale at the McCarthy’s website.

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