Sunday, April 2

The speech of Greater Wyoming in defense of public health: “Privatization is the abandonment of the population to its fate”

“Privatization is nothing more than the abandonment of the population to its fate (…) and subjecting it to marginal spaces that only generate violence, death and more poverty in a vicious circle,” said Greater Wyoming in an act of Barcelona en Comú with Ada Colau and Bob Pop last Saturday. In the conversation, which took place in Plaça Sóller in the Nou Barris district, they talked about public services, health, education and culture.

Rafael Vidal and the Great Wyoming reveal all the secrets of Valencian paella at the festival


The comedian also vindicated the role of the working class against that of the big businessmen: “The businessperson is not the source of wealth, but the reservoir; the source of wealth comes from the daily work of the workers every day”.

On privatizations, the writer and columnist Bob Pop defended that “we cannot leave everything in the hands of the market.” “If it’s the market that regulates everything,” continues the screenwriter, “for example, I wouldn’t be here, because I’m not productive for the market.” Pop, who uses a wheelchair to get around, admits that someone like him “means that a council has to dedicate more effort, means and square meters so that he can access public and private spaces.”

Given this, he believes that “the only sense is that there are public investments, especially because they are the basis of democracy and because they build cities where we can live.”

In the act there was also a wink towards Madrid. Wyoming criticized that those citizens of the Community of Madrid who live in the so-called ‘red belt’ —“which ceased to be so that day,” he assured—, voted for the political right in the previous elections. “They had gotten up early to vote for the right, which was taking away their schools, healthcare, which was fighting so that pensions were not within the reach of the purchasing power of the world that they were proposing to us,” he lamented.

Likewise, the mayoress of Barcelona defended some of the reforms carried out at the state level, such as the increase in the minimum wage by 40%, the labor reform or the agreement to increase pensions.

“For me, that is one of the best responses to the right and the extreme right, that what they are really looking for is to lay out a red carpet for their business friends: private healthcare, private pensions and private education” , asserted Colau, which, he sentences, must be stopped with “public policies that shield rights and that guarantee the condition of dignified existence of people.”

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