Friday, May 27

The spokesman for the PSPV-PSOE in the Corts Valencianes, Manolo Mata, resigns to focus on his office and the ‘Azud case’

The socialist trustee in the Corts Valencianes, Manolo Mata, has less than a week left in his post. Next Friday, the day after the control session in the regional Parliament, Mata will leave the seat he has held for seven years as spokesman for the Valencian Socialists to focus on the office he shares with his wife and, particularly, on the controversial criminal defense of his client, businessman Jaime Febrer in the framework of the ‘Azud case’. The lawyer thus abandons the first political line after having been appointed by Ximo Puig for a key position as parliamentary spokesman since the beginning of the Pacte del Botànic era.

The socialist politician maintains, yes, his condition as deputy secretary in the Executive of the PSPV-PSOE. The unusual situation —parliamentary spokesman and defense attorney for one of the main suspects in the corruption case investigated in the ‘Azud case’— was unsustainable and the pressure this week after the secrecy of the summary was lifted, both by the media and by the opposition, has grown to the point of forcing Manolo Mata out of the autonomous chamber, in which he has been a key supporter of the PSPV-PSOE and the Pacte del Botànic.

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, to whom Mata communicated this Friday his irrevocable decision to return to wearing the toga as his main job, thus losing a heavyweight on the parliamentary front. The autonomous chamber also loses a parliamentarian with an enormous negotiating capacity and a legendary glibness.

With a commission of investigation pending in the regional chamber on a macro-cause that fully affects his party and his client, Mata had placed himself in an unprecedented and delicate situation. With his resignation, Ximo Puig also loses his main agent assigned to the parliamentary front, where the politician and lawyer has been in charge of the always complex political negotiations between the partners of the Pacte del Botànic.

With his announced resignation, what has been said by the socialist trustee in his explosive appearance to explain his decision to accept the criminal defense of businessman Jaime Febrer, one of the main investigators in the ‘Azud case’, is fulfilled. On June 30, at a press conference that perplexed locals and strangers alike, Manolo Mata said: “If one day in the balance I have to choose between being one thing or another, I will surely choose to be a lawyer.” And so it has been.

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