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The Spot robot already has a mini and popular version | Digital Trends Spanish

Spot is the best known robot from Boston Dynamics. The only problem is that the value of this four-legged prototype is very high, so it can only be acquired by a small group of people.

Fortunately, the Stanford University Robotics Laboratory has developed a more affordable version of this popular invention.

It is Mini Pupper, a robot very similar to Spot, only its size is more reminiscent of small breeds, such as a Chihuahua.

Once assembled, this robot measures just 209 x 109 x 165mm and weighs a mere 560 grams.

One of the striking aspects is that Mini Pupper can be programmed to carry out the movements that the user wants. If the idea is for you to just walk or wander around the house, you can also stick with just the basic setup.

For this it has a Raspeberry Pi 4B processor programmable in Ubuntu or ROS.

The picture shows the Mini Pupper robot.

To move safely, the robot has a system of detection cameras that analyze the environment in search of obstacles that impede the passage.

To allow it to move, the prototype has several engines that have been specially designed for this project by the Mang Dang company.

The picture shows the Mini Pupper robot.

Thanks to this, Mini Pupper can walk, jog or gallop with a range of about half an hour with a single charge of its 800 mAh battery.

The robot also has an animated LCD face that can be programmed to display different expressions.

For now, the Mini Pupper is part of a Kickstarter campaign. Those interested can purchase a $ 589 package that would allow them to assemble the robot on their own, of course, if the creators ever decide to launch it on the market.

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