Wednesday, February 21

The Squid Game could have not one, but two more seasons | Digital Trends Spanish

The South Korean series The Squid Game (Ojingeo Geim) has been one of the phenomena of 2021 on Netflix. So much so that the streaming platform does not want to miss the opportunity to launch new seasons.

According to statements made by his creator of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk, in a interview with Korean broadcaster KBS, is in talks with Netflix to develop a second season. But in addition, the director added that those conversations also include the possibility of closing a third season of the series.

“We will come to a conclusion soon,” Dong-hyuk notes. It is the first time that the director talks about the possibility of creating a third in the series, although at the moment it is impossible to know anything about his plot.

As he explains, the second season will also star Gi-hun, the protagonist of the first season who enters the Squid Game to face his debts from his love of gambling.


Hwang recently said in a statement in the middle of an event in the city of Los Angeles, California, that the second installment of the series will happen thanks to the fact that the fans of the series have expressed a lot of love for her and have pressed for more than The Squid Game.

Since its launch in September 2021, the South Korean series has swept Netflix’s most popular charts around the world, reaching the number one spot in more than 90 countries and being the most viewed content of all time on the platform.

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