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The squid game does not exist within Google Meet | Digital Trends Spanish

The Squid Game It’s the Netflix series everyone’s talking about. The South Korean production has generated a kind of myth since some people believed that the deadly game shown in the series exists in real life.

But the truth is that no The Squid Game it doesn’t exist in real life (that we know of). Geometric shapes are also not a representation of the PlayStation button icons – even though she would like them to go– and less exists within Google Meet.

And it is that the figures of a triangle, a circle and a square that appear in the Netflix series are also present in the popular application for Google video calls in a very familiar grouping. However, this is not a hidden game, nor is it some kind of easter egg or hidden function associated with production, but simply one of the many features that Google has added to Meet.

The icons in question allow the Google Meet call activities panel to open, where users can share documents, leave comments, or even open a whiteboard for collaborative sketches.

At another time something like this would have gone unnoticed, but it happens that video calling applications have become very popular due to the pandemic. And Google Meet is one of the most used since it is present in educational environments and because – like Zoom – it is free for regular users (with certain limitations), with the difference that it runs inside the browser and does not need a program dedicated, as with Teams.

In case it was necessary to mention it one more time, The Squid Game it is not based on real events and does not exist within Google Meet.

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